Brian Gamble





4/24/1970 , Ohio

Birth Name

Brian Gamble




Gamble is most well known for being one of the main skaters on the show Rollerjam as "Brian the Blade" where he was part of the Texas Rustlers, Illinois Riot, and New York Enforcers teams. After Rollerjam ended in 2001 he started to compete in martial arts events. Brian has over twenty years of experience in mixed martial arts training which include twelve years in both Ninjutsu and Seshintekikyoyo and four in Aikido.

In addition to competing in martial arts he also started training to become a wrestler around the same time under the tutelage of Dory Funk, Jr . Shortly thereafter he made a few appearances with the WWE, most notably on their television show "Jakked". He later faltered off into the independent circuit where he still presently can be found appearing. So far, he has held the SCW Southern Heavyweight Championship twice since his debut on the independents.