Brian Hallisay

Brian Hallisay


10/31/1978, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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    • Brian doesn't watch a lot of TV shows, but among his favorites shows there are such as True Blood, Mad Men, The Wire and Lost. He does some marathon weekends and watches some shows on DVD.

    • As the most memorable moment from filming "Privileged" Brian remembers the day on the soundstage of Paramount, where he experienced the first earthquake in his whole life, because he's from East Coast where it doesn't happen at all.

  • Quotes

    • Brian (on why people should watch "Privileged"): I think there's a really sharp biting comedic tone to this show. The writing is so smart, the characters are so well crafted and everybody really hits their mark. I think as the series goes on and we start to hit our stride. So I think if people were to tune in now, they'll really get a sense of what the show is about and hopefully like it.

    • Brian (on differences between being an actor and working on Wall Street): There is just something about it. It's a new adventure every day. Everyone is there because they want to be there, even the camera and the lighting guys. They enjoy what they do and they work hard. To be in a work atmosphere where people are doing what they enjoy makes life so much better than slaving away in an office and stressing out. With what is going on with the market now, I am feeling pretty good about my career move.

    • Brian (on becoming an actor): You know, I had always dreamed about seeing what acting was all about and television. So, I moved out to Los Angeles six years ago and gave it a shot. I got the bug and it stuck.

    • Brian (on relationship between Will and Megan in "Privileged"): I think Will is very taken with Megan. I think there is a definite chemistry there. All of her quirks he just finds completely adorable, charming and delightful. I think there is potential down that road to see what happens. I think they compliment each other very nicely and it would be interesting to see what the dynamic is if they were to get together.

    • Brian (on the chemistry between the characters in "Privileged"): To be honest, it did come quickly. One of the first things that happened before we started shooting was that we all had to get together to do some promotional photography. Those types of situations are always kind of funny and uncomfortable to begin with since you are at a photo-shoot all day. That's when I really got to meet everyone and since we've been working we all do really get along so well.

    • Brian (on the cast of "Privileged"): It's such a good group and we have such a good time. That's really important because you spend so many long days with these people, week after week. So, everybody really gets along and is such a treat and a blessing. I am just hoping that show is going to keep going and that they'll give us the shot to really find our audience out there.

    • Brian (on differences between TV show "Privileged" and the book that show is based on): The characters are similar, but it is not that similar. For instance, I know in the book my character is a blonde haired blue eyed kind of guy and I am not. I believe certain physicalities of the characters are not the same. I believe Megan's sister Lily is different and from what I understand, I think the twins are even much more outrageous and irreverent in the book than they are on the show. I think in the book they are much meaner to Megan.

    • Brian (on playing Will in "Privileged"): It's been pretty nice because what they were going for and what I think I've been able to tap into is to portray Will as a very cool, good, down to Earth mellow guy who exerts a calming force in Megan's life. She's very neurotic and all over the place. I think that they are setting it up for us to play really well off of each other. It's been really great.

    • Brian (on challenges he has to face portraying Will in "Privileged"): Sometimes I find the clothes they put me in to be a bit challenging. I don't know necessarily how billionaires dress, but we're trying to sort it out. They've been airing on the side of tight t-shirts and tighter pants than I am accustomed to. To be honest, the hardest part of the entire job has been wearing the tennis outfits that they are putting me in. I think it is an important part of the character that they feel strongly about.

    • Brian (on deciding being a part of the show "Privileged"): The show came out of nowhere. Things had been really slow and I was out of town when this audition came up. I didn't know if they were going to be able to reschedule it, but I was able to go in and meet with Rina Mimoun who is the show runner. Patrick Rush, the casting director, has always been very kind to me and they brought me in on this. From the time that I first auditioned, it was just a little over a week later when I had the job. So, I was very pleased to be offered it. I am very grateful for the opportunity and we've been working since July. We're really starting to hit our stride now and everyone is great.