Brian Hartt




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Brian began his acting career in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He worked with several theatre companies, among them Manitoba Theatre Centre, There Plus Toronto, and Lighthouse Theatre.
He began performing Standup and Improv in and around Winnipeg and writing sketch comedy.
One of Canada's top standups by the early '90's, Brian moved to Toronto and became a writer for The Kids in the Hall.
In 1992, took his one-man show, "Lies I Heard in a Bar" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, across Canada, and to New York and L.A. He also hosted Just for Laughs' first ever International Improv Tournament in March of that year.
In 1995, after four years with The Kids in the Hall, Brian moved to New York and began working as a writer for the short-lived but critically successful "The Jon Stewart Show". He would also capitalize on his stand-up skills as the pre-show warm-up guy.
After that show's demise, Brian quickly moved to L.A. and got hired as a writer for the now-famous MADtv. His skill and experience showed, as Brian swiftly moved up to "Writing Supervisor", and in later seasons, "Co-Executive Producer".
All the while, he continued to perform live standup, travelling to Vancouver in 1997 and 1998 to do the infamous A.S.S. Show with friend and colleague Brent Butt and others. Most recently, he has appeared in the March 2002 CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and was welcomed as a native son.

-- Like most standups, Brian thought he'd be in a band when he grew up. That or a doctor. His drink of choice is Scotch, and, like most people from the "'Peg", he's a super-nice guy, so if you meet him in a bar, buy him one. Face it, if you've enjoyed a laugh in the last ten years, you probably owe it to Brian.