Brian Krause (I)

Brian Krause (I)


2/1/1969, El Toro, California, United States

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Brian Jeffrey Krause



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A native Southern Californian, Brian entertained the idea of acting while in high school. At the age of 16, he enrolled in his first professional acting class and began working in television. Initially interested in a career in sports medicine, he pursued a semi-professional soccer career with a…more


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    • Brian Krause: (on giving advice to his Charmed co-stars) These three women [Alyssa, Rose and Holly] are pretty strong women. They do not come to me for advice! They've had to learn on their own how not to be pushed around, so I don't think any of them need advice from me or anybody else really.

    • Brian Krause: (on what he did prior to playing Leo on Charmed) I've done a lot of different jobs. Driving a bakery truck was pretty goofy. Crawling under houses wasn't fun. Roofing, electrical? Those aren't so bad, but driving a bakery truck pretty much sucked. I was "the pie guy!"

    • Brian Krause: (on what the Charmed Ones are really like) You want dirt? You want me to be the fall guy? No way! Okay, I will tell you Alyssa is the biggest flirt. She loves everybody.

    • Brian Krause: (on his hairstyles in high school) In high school, I went through, like, 10 different changes. I went from jock to Flock of Seagulls guy to ska guy to break-dance guy. One day, I came into school with my Flock of Seagulls hair, and this guy said, "Dude, wipe the hair spray off your forehead." I was mortified. I never wore my hair like that again.

    • Brian: I can't guess what Paramount and The WB were doing, whether it was money or whether they brought other characters in or whatever. I don't know if they were trying to groom talent to go on to something else. I don't know. For me, honestly, it turned out to be a blessing, really, to go out and work on my short movie and work on a couple of other projects. So they kind of did me a favor by being able to get out there and get into pilot season.

  • I love Brian Krause. He is sexy, talented, and sweet to boot. The best person on Charmed. He was my favorite, even over the girls.

    He is soooo sexy. The best actor in showbiz. He was a star right up there with the girls. He deserves his own show. He is the best man and actor. I loved his work as Leo Wyatt on Charmed. The man needs more movie work to boost his popularity. The best thing about him is he is so open and sweet. I have never met or worked with him and I talk about him like this. He is so amazing. The very best actor on television. Brian is so sexy. Have you seen him? He is so very amazingly sexy!!!! I L-O-V-E LOOOOVE Brian Krause. He is simply charming. I have been truely been Charmed by Brian Krause.moreless
  • Brian Krause as Leo is the ultimate guy. What women wouldn't want the charming whitelighter. He is faithful, honest, protective, and baby friendly. Courageous and a confidant. BK is "WHAT WOMEN WANT!"moreless

    Brian Krause has made charmed as intersting as the girls. He fights to keep Piper and his family together. Yet he tries to whats best for the greater good. Those are very hard decisions to make. He has help keep the girls grounded until after Gideon backstabbed him. Then the girls has to keep Leo grounded. Though it was harder for Phoebe and Paige to do so. They would have turned their backs on him if it weren't for Piper. Go Piper. After finding himself again he chose his family over the elders. True love like that is truly wonderful to watch. Weve seen the good and the bad times. Which definitely makes it more real to the viewers.moreless