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  • I love Brian Krause. He is sexy, talented, and sweet to boot. The best person on Charmed. He was my favorite, even over the girls.

    He is soooo sexy. The best actor in showbiz. He was a star right up there with the girls. He deserves his own show. He is the best man and actor. I loved his work as Leo Wyatt on Charmed. The man needs more movie work to boost his popularity. The best thing about him is he is so open and sweet. I have never met or worked with him and I talk about him like this. He is so amazing. The very best actor on television. Brian is so sexy. Have you seen him? He is so very amazingly sexy!!!! I L-O-V-E LOOOOVE Brian Krause. He is simply charming. I have been truely been Charmed by Brian Krause.
  • Brian Krause as Leo is the ultimate guy. What women wouldn't want the charming whitelighter. He is faithful, honest, protective, and baby friendly. Courageous and a confidant. BK is "WHAT WOMEN WANT!"

    Brian Krause has made charmed as intersting as the girls. He fights to keep Piper and his family together. Yet he tries to whats best for the greater good. Those are very hard decisions to make. He has help keep the girls grounded until after Gideon backstabbed him. Then the girls has to keep Leo grounded. Though it was harder for Phoebe and Paige to do so. They would have turned their backs on him if it weren't for Piper. Go Piper. After finding himself again he chose his family over the elders. True love like that is truly wonderful to watch. Weve seen the good and the bad times. Which definitely makes it more real to the viewers.
  • leo is charming

    he is nice and kind to the people on the show. he has a great smile. charmed is my favorite show because of how leo likes to take care of his wife piper. she also nice. i wish i could have her power and the same with leo and saving people and orbiting. i love you guys. i think leo is perfect and has a perfect wife. i wish i could have a guy like leo. better yet have a relasionship just like leo and pipers. i think they make a great couple. he is charming alright. i love you.
  • Brain plays Leo on Chamred

    Brain's fav color is blue . He played Leo on the show charmed. Leo was Pipers husmand on charmed. Also the CHARMED ONES white lighter. His hobbies incluse gulf, basket ball, and auto racing. hE also ya dan ex- wife named Beth and ex- girl friend named Alssya Milano. Alssya was on of his co stars while on charmed . Alssya played Phoebe , one of the charmed ones. He is an aguirauis. He was born ion Feb. 12 1772. he is 5' 10" in heaight . He is very tall. I think he was a GREAT, UNBELIVABLE actor so.
  • Charming Leo from 'Charmed'

    Although he acted in some movies (such as 'Return To The Blue Laguna' with Mila Jovovich), he is well know as a Whitelighter Leo from 'Charmed'. The show ended at season 8 it lasted very long. Brian joined the crew in season 2 where he became Piper's boyfriend and later on...husband. Too bad the show ended, but I'm counting on some new movies! ;)
  • Leo is Pipers husband and the father of both Chris and Wyatt. He is also the sister's whitelighter for most of the series.

    How can anyone not like Leo. First of all he is so adoreable and he is almost the perfect man except for when he becomes an Elder and goes away for a while. He is always there to help whenever the sisters are in need of it. He also has so many layers throughout the series I love to watch his character grow. I also love to watch his relationship with Piper blossom over the seasons. He always brings something new to the table and never lets you down. That is why Leo is such a good character in this great series.
  • above average.

    brian krause guest starred on the tv show charmed for season 1 and most of season 2 but during season 2 ( half way through the season) he became one of the stars of the show. his charachter is called leo wyatt he used to be a white lighter ( guardian angel for good withces) on the show he stars alongside alyssa milano, rose mc gowan and holly marie combs. the show charmed is a good show centered around witch craft but its also about family. he is a good actor. he is both funny and dramatic. he also helped write one of the episodes of charmed named sense and sense ability.
  • He is amazing!

    I love Brian Krause. He is a fabulous actor and does a marvelous job playing Leo in Charmed. This is my FAVORITE show of ALL TIME!!! He really knows how to show emotion and actually looks like he is really going through whatever the character is going though. You sometimes forget that he is just acting! All together he is a fabulous and amazing actor.

    It really is kind of funny when he cries though because his face just goes into this really wierd position and it makes me crack up. Just thought I'd throw that little comment in here. Besides that though, I really do love his acting.
  • Really good!

    He is amazing when he is on the cast of Charmed. He has just a soothing voice and he can convince anyone to do what he wants them to. I can not believe that he play above all sports, soccer! I can not see him on the feild with a soccer ball!
  • I love you brian krause you are so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every one out there brian krause is the sweetest guy on T.V. he loves piper even though shes with Dan. And who couldnt love brian hes AMAZING!!!!!!!! Hes my biggest crush right now. And brian if your reeding this i\'m available call me lol. :^) Anyways hes seems to me like a fun loving guy and hes got a great personality on the show. And i\'m sure he does in reality as well. And even better than that hes one of the good guys on the show, every one always talks about loving the bad guys but on charmed you got to love the good guy because brian is the good guy. I LOVE YOU BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think Brian is an amazingly talented actor and has a great career ahead.

    Although Charmed is coming to an end I believe Brian Krause will still have a promising career. He is not only starring in movies, he's writing them. He is an extremely talented actor and writer. Not only is he talented, but he's great looking! I love watching him on Charmed and I am Very sad that it is coming to an end. Brian has an amazing resume starring in several major films such as Sleepwalkers and the classic Return to the Blue Lagoon. I hope Brian has the career he deserves that lasts long because I enjoy watching him perform.
  • Brian Krause is very "Charming" in his own way. He has played the role as Leo Wyatt on the hit TV series Charmed for 7 1/2 years now, which will end this May 2006 after 8 years.

    Brian Krause is an awesome actor he has played in some great movies and other shows. I havew watched him play Leo on Charmed for about 8 years and his character gets better with every season. I have also seen him ins Sleepwalkers which was a very good movie. I really would like to see more of his more recent movies, but I really don't know where to see them. I sure there great movies because I've heard of them. He seems like a really cool guy and he's an great actor.

    They talked about giving Brian a spinoff show and even though that will probably be an unlikly possibility I would be very cool to see him be the star of his own show. I think that he would do well on his own show he's a very good actor and can play many roles as we have seen from his Charmed experiences.

    I will rate brian a 10/10 (**********/**********) He really is a top of the line actor. He really should be more famous.
  • Brian Krause, super and I love the role he plays in Charmed. My all time favorite show. Brian and Piper are the perfect couple in that show!I have nothing negative to say about Brian or the cast.

    Brian, very talented and super! Best TV program of all times, "Charmed", and best Cast. It is a very unique show, very different. It is just Bitching!!! Charmed had the best cast, episodes were and are unique. I take my hat off for the writers, and cast. Leo's role super, thanked God, writers didn't cast him out.
  • Brian is an amazing actor! I would really love to see him in more movies. Sadly i think he hasn't been fully discovered. He is very gorgeous and i wish him luck in everything he does. I'm very dissapointed he got killed of on Charmed.

    Brian is an amazing actor! I would really love to see him in more movies. Sadly i think he hasn't been fully discovered. He is very gorgeous and i wish him luck in everything he does. I'm very dissapointed he got killed of on Charmed. I would love to see him in more movies. I hope that he comes back to charmed. He is my faviorte actor...just a minor obsession (if you know what i mean). I have over 200 pictures of him. Alright like i said amazing actor. BEST OF LUCK
  • Whitelighter Extrodinare

    Although, he hasn\\\'t techincly been a whitelighter for around a year Leo was always my favortie character, next to Piper, not to mention he was with her so that just doubles the fun. An angel of a whitelight, a fantastic fater, and a perfect husband I am very sad to see him go! I hope they at least give him the option to return for the end of the season, and maybe series. They owe him that much!
  • talented and handsome

    UNFREEZE HIM NOW!!!!!! piper and the boys need him. he really is talented. What is piper suppose to tell wyatt and chris??? "sorry boys daddy is never comimg home" This is why when Chris came from the future he told leo that "he was never around for him"think the spider episode!!

  • Unfreeze Leo Now!

    Brian is an extremely talented actor and is a tremendous addition to the show. His performances are always fresh, regardless of the story lines. In the last episode, his character was frozen. I just hope his character doesn\'t stay frozen too long because the show won\'t be Charmed without him.
  • So talented.

    One of the 3 reasons why I started to watch Charmed (only about 3 months ago BTW). He has matured very nicely on the show. I am so depressed that they cut his airtime on the show. I think that was a big mistake on their part. I couln't believe it when I saw that he was the guy on Return to the Blue Lagoon, he seems so different now. I hope he still does acting after Charmed, I know I will watch!
  • Keep up the excellent work Brian! You're very talented and a special man. Don't let others put you down!

    Brian Krause is an excellent actor. He\\\'s done well in the movies he\\\'s been in, as well as his most known character, Leo Wyatt. I don\\\'t think they could have found a better man to play Leo Wyatt. It is mentioned that Brian is a handy man on and off the show. I think that is great and shows some similarities that Brian and his character have. He also seems to get along with the rest of the cast like his second family, so that is what also makes him a great actor. Keep up the great work Brian! Can\\\'t wait to see you in again in Charmed!
  • Great actor.

    Brian Krause has always been brilliant on Charmed, offering rational explainations and keeping calm whilst the world is falling apart around him, so I was suprised to discover that he hasn't really done much else. One thing that I was curious about however, was the fact that Prue said that Phoebe was only interested in Leo because Piper liked him but if I saw Leo I'd like him. He is adorable, caring and has a nice voice. I can't understand why Piper did not ask him out sooner - he seems completely approachable and down to earth and not at all intimidating.
  • Brian is a wonderfull person, and I beleive he should be a bigger star than he is right now. He deserves more, and I would love to see him get it. He is a great actor, and does the best job I could ever immagine.He does it so well.

    I belive that Brian does the best job acting as Leo. He should be a bigger star than he is right now.AndI don't mean to get him to play someone else.Leo is a kind person, and Brian looks just like I would picture Leo.I am totally amazed by how well Brian does. Brian seems like a great guy, and I would love to see him go further. I have only seen him on Charmed, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in another t.v series. It would be awesome! Or, even if he did a voice for a cartoon show that would be great! He sounds really caring and nice, unless he gets mad, then he sounds scary, and I think it might be fun for him to play a bad guy in a cartoon show. Maybe even Inuyasha. The thing is, Brian is really good looking too. Ok, I give up: Brian is the hottest guy ever! There I said it. Go Brian!