Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey


9/26/1972, Portland, Oregon

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Brian H. Malarkey
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Residing in San Diego, but a native of Oregon, cooking seafood is like breathing air for Brian Malarkey. A graduate of Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu Program, in Portland, he then apprenticed under Executive Chef Michael Richard at Citrus, before taking time to travel Europe and Northern…more


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    • Brian: I don't back down. I go for it, put myself out there, and see how it turns out!

    • Brian: (on "Top Chef") We were seriously isolated from the world. We didn't do anything in Miami. I felt like one of those little kids in the first grade who is tied onto a rope to walk down the street.

    • Brian: (about being criticized on "Top Chef") I took the criticism as some information and used it as a learning life experience. It was 'a grain of salt thing' to pick on me; the drama of the show. The judges like to focus on the bad because the final part is always about who is getting kicked off.

    • Brian: My whole philosophy in cooking is to put the best product on the plate. When I go to the market, the best looking thing there is what I'm going to cook.

    • Brian: (on his least favorite fellow "Top Chef" contestant) I didn't like Micah - the one who dissed ketchup - from the get-go. Supposedly, she was from South Africa, but her accent was different every day. Later, we found out she was from Massachusetts.

    • Brian: (his advice for up and coming chefs) Just know it's a huge amount of hours, holidays and late nights. It's very demanding and I don't really know if I would recommend it to anyone.

    • Brian: (on cooking for famous chefs on "Top Chef") Daniel Boulud and Sirio Maccioni were both so passionate, so sweet and so nice. But some of them come in and are cutthroat, like Anthony Bourdain. He just wants to be an a--- so he can get more airtime. Viewers don't know all that they put us through.

    • Brian: (about getting on "Top Chef") I didn't audition for the show. They sent a scout to San Diego and talked to a lot of people. They were going to put me on Season 2 but decided I wasn't what they were looking for. They got Frank Terzoli [of Season 2] from San Diego instead. Then, they called me for Season 3. I did a few interviews, and they put me on.