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Brian Michael Bendis


8/18/1967, USA

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Brian Michael Bendis


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Brian Michael Bendis (he is also known as BMB and often signs his work with "BENDIS!") (born August 18, 1967) is an American comic book writer and erstwhile artist who has won five Eisner Awards as of 2005. In the mid-2000s, he became one of the highest-selling comic…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2005, Bendis developed the concept and became lead writer of the major company-wide Marvel Comics crossover House of M.

    • In 2004, Bendis moved his Powers from Image Comics over to Marvel Comics. Because Powers was creator-owned, it could not be published as part of the regular Marvel Comics imprint. To address this need for an imprint for creator-owned comics, necessitated primarily by Powers and Kabuki (owned by Bendis's friend and occasional collaborator, David Mack), Marvel created the Icon Comics imprint.

    • In 2004, Bendis took over Avengers. His first story arc was Avengers Disassembled, a major crossover which was very popular but also very controversial amongst longtime fans. Avengers then relaunched to become New Avengers with a revamped line-up, including Spider-Man and Wolverine. Bendis also wrote Secret War in 2004, featuring a cast of superheroes very similar to the cast of New Avengers.

    • In Ultimate Spider-Man 66 and 67 Bendis appeared in a humorous cameo where he talked about his feelings for the current story arc.

    • Bendis has been responsible for revitalizing several relatively obscure old characters and bringing them to prominence; examples include Luke Cage and Spider-Woman.

    • Bendis is known for extremely sarcastic and profanity-filled responses, which many readers consider funny, to comments from fans in the letters column of his comic books and on his Internet message boards.

    • Bendis continued to work in the Ultimate Marvel universe, not only writing Ultimate Spider-Man but also doing runs on Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four as well as writing the entirety of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up and Ultimate Six.

    • In 1999, he won his first Eisner Award, "Talent Deserving of Higher Recognition".

    • Brian Michael Bendis is married to Alisa Bendis

  • Quotes

  • A True Genius!!!

    I have to say Brian Michael Bendis is Marvel's top writer. His comic books like New Avengers Ultimate Spider-man, Daredevilv2, The Pulse, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Six rocks. Only Ultimate Marvel Team Up sucks. But sometimes writers can make mistakes so i don't care whether Ultimate MTU sucks or not he is a great writer. I have to say that he writes for the MTV Spider-man series quite well though the villains kinda suck.

    He SHOULD write for another show maybe like an Ultimate Spider-man and Ultimate X-Men show. They should make shows like that with Bendis being the writer. I LOVE Ultimate Spider-man. It was well written and also the Ultimate X-Men story arc Blockbuster was well written as well.

    Brian Michael Bendis is one of the best writers of all time next to Dwayne McDuffie and Paul Dini. I hope he could do more comics and peace out!!!moreless