Brian Patrick Clarke





8/1/1952 , Pennsylvania, PA

Birth Name

Brian Patrick Clarke



Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell (1979-81), professional baseball pitcher for the Cyclones and soon Susan's husband (Richardson was with child in real life), was played by Brian Patrick Clarke who was born on August 1, 1952 in Pennsylvania, PA; he was born on the eighth month. (He wasn't in the 1989 reunion movie.)
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You may wish to see the D8Book for his entries I collected so far.
For a few years in the 80's (1983-1985, then again in 1988), Brian Patrick Clarke appearred on the ABC soap "General Hospital". How do I explain this character briefly?
From what I remembered when I watched the show, in 1983, the Grant Putnam, which we thought was real, came to Port Charles and married Celia Quartermaine, I guess a niece of Edward. This FAKE Grant Putnam was a DVX agent, an opposition to the WSB and a possible threat. Somehow, if anybody can fill in the details for me, this Grant worked with Luke Spencer in a story I can't remember at the time I'm writing this.
In early 1994, we learn that the REAL Grant Putnam was alive after being abducted for eight years (again, this EIGHT thing pops up!) and his identitiy and life stolen and assumed by the FAKE Grant Putnam, which we rechristened Grant Andrews.
I guess Putnam had such a hard grudge over losing Celia and his life that he became the villan and the Andrews became a hero of sorts. Can't remember the storyline. Any General Hopsital experts help me out please?
In 1988, Putnam retruned and abducted Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), but Scorpio and the gang made sure justice was served as Putnam was caught and Anna rescued.