Brian Regan

Brian Regan


Miami, Florida

Birth Name

Brian Joseph Regan


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Brian is a comedian who has appeared on many major talk shows, and has had several half hour and hour long stand up specials. Brian started doing stand-up fresh out of College at a Fort Lauderdale night club. He modeled his comedy after Johnny Carson, the Smothers Brothers…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1988 Brian won $10,000.00 in the K-Rock Miller Lite Funniest Person in New York contest.

    • Brian uses observational humor, keeping his performances relatively clean by refraining from blue humor, sexual references, or obscenities.

  • Quotes

    • Brian: It's Brioooohhhn. Yes, my name is BRIOOOOOOGGHHN! It's very hard to say my name correctly, 'cuz my name is BRANNAAGHAMMANGAAH!!! Can you say that? Very few can. Correctly.

    • Brian: My brothers would never let me play with them so to get back at them I would put vaseline on the Twister mat. Left arm, BROKEN!

    • Brian: Who the hell eats two cookies?

  • Brian Regan is one of the better comedians out there, and he is great live.

    There are tons of great stand-up comedians today, but he is one of the better ones. His material is great, and his delivery is just as good. All of his specials have been hilarious, and I saw him live and was very impressed. He is one of the few comedians with inoffensive material. He doesn't hammer joke after joke about relationships or politics. He simply pokes fun at society and comments on the daily routine. His jokes are witty, yet his delivery and impressions allow him to reach a wider audience. He is a very good comedian, and I've enjoyed every piece of stand-up I've seen of him.moreless
  • "Cat, K-A-T I'm out o' here..... Yeah I know there's two Ts!" Brian Regan rocks! Clean humor from school to fig newtons. The best comedian I've ever heard.

    Brian Regan came from a big family of eight kids. Everyone in his family was funny, and little did he know, he himself was on his way to being a famous comedian. Normally when I think of comedians, I think the over paid, overrated wierdos who make dirty jokes full of curse words, but when I heard Brian Regan's stupid in school act and fell out of my chair laughing, so far the worst thing I've heard him say was damn. Like in the summary, he doesn't reuse too much material, he comes up with mostly original acts and jokes. To end, Brian Regan is the cleanest, funniest comedian in America!moreless