Brian Smith (XXXVI)

Brian Smith (XXXVI)

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Brian graduated from Central Missouri State before moving to Los Angeles. Brian is at heart a competitor whose greatest accomplishment in life was starting every basketball game his high school varsity season after being cut the prior two seasons.


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  • Handsome, charming, and funny!

    I think like the other person, I really like Brian

    And his brother a lot. And that both have not just

    Really are handsome but have a love of life and a

    Love for just being them. Wished that they had made

    It very far in TAR. But maybe that wasn't meant for it

    To happen! Both are just charming, funny, and down to earth kind of guys!
  • Brian Smith is an awesome reality tv guy. He can really get you to laugh!

    Brian Smith is an awesome reality tv guy! He can really make you laugh! Even though he was pissed that he was eliminated from Fear Factor, I did enjoy his TV day view on the Amazing Race with his younger bro, Greg Smith. I suppose he might be going on QUITE a few more shows. I mean he's been on Fear Factor, Amazing Race, whatever. He's an awesome Reality TV guy like I said before and he and his brother were really funny on The Amazing Race 7. I have to say, I'd love to meet him in person. Oh yeah, this dude's awesome!moreless