Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher


5/25/1978, Pasco, Washington

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Brian Keith Urlacher


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Brian Urlacher is one of the most dominant defensive football players of the last decade. He has spent his entire career with the Chicago Bears. Urlacher has also appeared in commercials, for wrestling promotion TNA and in a cameo on Entourage.


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    • Brian: We've got some good, young talent on this team, and it's nice to see they got recognized for their play, because they're not the biggest names. There are a lot of guys out there who probably get more recognition from the media, but these guys go out there and play hard every week, and they put it on film, and the players around the league and the coaches around the league saw that. That's why they're going.

    • Brian: (On the media criticizing) I love when people pick against us because we just go out and prove them wrong.

    • Brian: I love football. It's what I love to do. I can't imagine not doing it. When I'm done I'm going to have a hard time. I'm not going to know what to do with myself. I just love football. Anyone who has played it knows how much fun it is. The thing about it is I just love to be around my teammates. In the locker room, we screw around all the time. We joke around in our meetings. On the field we always screw around. It's not fun when we're getting the ball rammed down our throats, but we still find a way to loosen it up.

    • Brian: (When asked how does he feel when he sees fans wearing his jersey) It's awesome. It's flattering. Until this year it used to be just me. Now you see some Rex (Grossman) jerseys, some Olin (Kreutz), some Lance (Briggs).

    • Brian: (When asked why does he think he is so popular) I can't figure it out. It's probably because I play for the Bears, one of the most popular teams in the NFL. I really don't know. I've done OK. I've gotten better every year. And I got some national endorsements and stuff like that to get myself out there. Maybe because I'm from a small town, a small school, I don't think I'm cocky in any way. I don't try to talk bad about other players. I just do my job, play football and have fun with it. As a middle linebacker here in Chicago with the way we play defense, fans are going to take to me.

  • Brian is a great Linebacker.

    Brian Urlacher is a finaminal Linebacker. He has the best overall ability then just about anyone in the league that plays his position, I think he will rank right up there with all the greats of Linebackers, Laranence Taylor and so forth. He is Chicago's best player and can stop anyone on offense.