Brian Van Holt

Brian Van Holt


7/6/1969, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Brian E. Van Holt


  • Brian Van Holt as Bobby on Cougar Town.
  • Brian Van Holt as Bobby on Cougar Town.
  • Brian Van Holt as Bobby on Cougar Town.
  • Brian Van Holt as Bobby on Cougar Town.
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Brian Van Holt has captured attention and acclaim in a diverse slate of big screen projects over the last two years, cementing his reputation as one of the screen's burgeoning young talents.

In Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, he starred opposite Josh Hartnett and Tom ore as…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Such an underrated great actor...

    Brian van Holt is probably the most misunderstood actor in Hollywood.

    Because of his good looks and body type he has been fated to play mostly a bunch of hunky law-enforcement guys, which didn't require great acting skills. So it was a good surprise to see there was so much talent hidden under that skin when John from Cincinnati premiered, which also makes one take a (long) second glance at some of his previous minor (yet significant) works. He has proved such an accomplished actor with wide dramatic range it's hard to believe he's been taken for granted for so long. But that's about to be past now as we'll hopefully see him casting big time series, right?moreless
  • im in love with this man!

    ive been a big fan of brians for a long time now and he is such an amazing actor and one of my favs that its a shame he doesnt get recognized enough. he is amazing in his new show as a drug addict. some of his best work. how i wish men like him would come around my way more often! =]