Brian Williams

Brian Williams


9/19/1962, New York, New York

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Brian Williams is an actor who has appeared in such shows as Law & Order and Land of the Lost. This is not the same Brian Williams who works for NBC.


Trivia and Quotes

  • The last actual journalist on NBC.

    In this strange sad time where NBC News is only known for its MSNBC TV network that has talentless hacks who spew out liberal hatred towards anyone who disagrees with their views 24/7, it's good that they have an actual journalist on NBC right now. Andrea Mitchell? Chuck Todd? Move them over to MSNBC so they can spew out more of their left-wing agenda all the time and let Brian do his thing. Although he may be inconsistent and biased in his reporting sometimes, he actually reports the news compared to his corporate cousins at MSNBC.moreless
  • Great anchor indeed!

    I loved Brian Williams since 1993

    And have an autograph as well as a small note indeed from him

    When he was the White House reported for NBC at the time

    Very talented and really great at replacing Tom Brokaw indeed

    Though nobody can ever hold a candle to Tom Brokaw, Brian has done a great job at it

    He comes very, very, close at doing it

    Hope he is around for at least thirty years!