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  • News Cast replacement

    Get rid of Matt Lauer and put Brian Williams in his place. Your ratings will sore. Matt Lauer is very condescending. A terrible interviewer.

    He would be better on the mid-night news
  • The lead anchor for NBC News is the best in the buisiness.

    With all that I see Katie Couric having to do to pull her shows ratings out of the toilet, it's good to know that Brian Williams gives the news plain and simple. The line-up on network news programs is pretty bleak with Charlie Gibson rounding out the top three. The main thing that I hear about Gibson and Couric is their place in the ratings. Not really the stories that they cover. Brian Williams is extremely smart or at least comes across that way, and that's how I like it. I want to be informed when I watch the news, not suckered into some half hour MTV news special without the cool artists.