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Queensland, Australia

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Brianna Carpenter


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Her unique sense of style caught eyes, but it was her voice that caught ears. Brianna, 21, impressed Australian Idol judges at auditions with her beautiful self-composed tune "Jacqueline". While Dicko told her she was the best all day, Kyle seemed worried by the onetime K-Mart employee's outfit…more


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    • Brianna: (asked for the best advice someone has ever given her) Don't' eat chocolate for breakfast! Definitely good advice.

    • Brianna: (asked how she prepares herself before a performance) Normally, I just put some headphones on and listen to some music. If I'm performing at clubs the best way I prepare is talking to friends. They make me laugh and keep me calm.

    • Brianna: (on the best thing about competing on "Australian Idol") The exposure. I'm not terribly good at promoting myself, so the opportunity that this show provides would be a big help in furthering my career.

    • Brianna: (asked which artist - dead or alive - she would most like to perform a duet with) I'd have to say Bjork. I think she's absolutely incredible and sharing a stage with her would be mind blowing.

    • Brianna: (on what quality she considers, apart from a strong voice, a star performer should possess) Their own personal style is important because it gives people more insight into what the performer is like. You've also got to be unique and have an interesting personality.

    • Brianna: (on the importance of "Australian Idol" in the music industry) It gives musicians a chance that they may not have been given. It shows the public that even ordinary people can create something extraordinary.

    • Brianna: (asked what she'd like to call her debut album) Probably something like, "It Could All Go Horribly Wrong" ... with a nervous picture of me on the cover! Hahaha, I honestly don't know just yet.

    • Brianna (asked what theme night she would like to see on "Australian Idol") BIG BAND! That would be fantastic! I've always wanted to perform in front of a huge brass band. They're just so LOUD! It would be a dream come true.

    • Brianna: (asked which previous "Australian Idol" finalist she found most inspiring) I'd have to say Bobby Flynn. Mostly because he was absolutely unique. His arrangements were fantastic and he achieved everything he set out to achieve from the competition.

    • Brianna: (on the "Australian Idol" judges) think sometimes they say things that aren't really valid, not to me so much but just to some people. I'm sure everyone thinks it, they are just like I don't know what that comment has to do with the song but I think they're quite fair. They judge quite well and they do have great things to say and their criticism is constructive most of the time so they are good.

    • Brianna: I love Jazz. It's just so smooth and the melodies are always so beautiful. I also really love ambient electronic music because it's so different and creates such a cool atmosphere.

    • Brianna: (on her feelings at her first audition) I was extremely calm at my first audition because I was just going in there and singing my own song. I was anxious, but excited.

    • Brianna: (asked when she realised she wanted to become a singer) I was in Year 10 and performing in musicals in Brisbane. I got such a kick from performing in front of an audience, but musical theatre wasn't what I wanted to pursue. I was a songwriter and wanted to perform my own music to audiences.

    • Brianna: I'm very much a space person. I really need time to chill out and I can't write when there are other people around. When you have a bunch of musicians around, they all want to jam all the time and I just want to be left alone to do my own thing.

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