Brianne Leary





7/28/1959 , Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Birth Name




Brianne is of Black Irish descent. She was a gymnastics champion at Canyon Del Oro High School in Tucson, Arizona. She went on to the State Championship in 1974 and placed in the top three (I can't remember her exact placement). She was a companion to Robert Conrad in the late 70s (of "The Wild Wild West" (1965) and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (1976) fame). She was also a companion to Barry Newman (of "Petrocelli" (1974) fame). Her mother was the Assistant City Editor for the Arizona Daily Star and she is cousin to writer Timothy Leary.

First appeared on TV as a contestant on "Match Game 73" (1973) in 1976 winning $2,600. Just three years later, she gained fame as an actress and appeared as a panelist. She is the only person to be both a contestant and a panelist on the show.

She was in New York City doing a "lite" TV news story when the World Trade Center was attacked. During the war in Afghanistan, she used every connection she had to be sent there to cover the war for CNN because she was tired of her "lite" news assignments. She wrote about her experiences in Oprah Winfrey's "O" magazine.

She attended Pima Junior College in Arizona, USA.

Developed the Paw Plunger, a self-contained device for cleaning dogs' paws when they come in from outdoors.

In 1996 she later created a Canadian children's TV show Stickin' Around with Robin Steele.

In early 2000, she was a co-anchor on WNYW New York's Good Day New York.