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  • Arguably one of the best voice actresses from LA

    Where do I start? I've known Bridget's work ever since I started listening to (and enjoying) her Mima Kirigoe from Perfect Blue. I also thought she was excellent as Haruhi Suzumiya's Ryoko Asakura and Achakura, Oh My Goodness's Belldandy and Castle of Cagliostro's damsel in distress, Clarisse. I think she has a very genuine voice which can range from a cute and innocent girl to a young woman with inner strength and/or a gentle heart. Bridget is as awesome as it gets.
  • Absolutely soul-less portrayals. Has ruined multiple anime of me.

    This is the person responsible for why most people listen to the Japanese dub of Ah! My Goddess, instead of the absolutely horrible English dub of same. She, and her equally untalented male "Keichii" manage to fully disembowel one of the best anime series ever. I have absolutely NO idea why this woman gets used as a voice actor so often. The saddest thing is that many people will never listen to the Japanese version, so they will never truly know how great the Japanese cast really is. She has done one positive thing for me with regard to anime viewing...because of her, I decided to learn Japanese! I cannot possibly dis this "star" any worse than what I have just said. She only escaped getting a 1.0 rating because she is least, I think so.
  • Always gives a complex and nuanced performance.

    Gives an amazing performance in the all around stellar cast of \"Scrapped Princess\" (where she costars as Raquel Cassul), Bridget Hoffman gives amazing depth and charisma to any character she voices. She especially suceeds at giving a deceptively sweet and simple voice to someone who has great hidden depths...and then revealing those depths slowly. She really just gets more and more interesting the longer you listen to her. Also check Bridget Hoffman out in the recurring role of Rem in \"Trigun\"...she gives an air of mystery and sweetness to the role that makes it easy to see why the main character is haunted by her. She\'s a standout in any anime.
  • Hi mom.

    Bridget’s voice is a pleasure to listen to, from the cheerful, optimistic, and calm goddess Belldandy to the equally charming Chitose Hibiya from Chobits. I haven't heard her voice or acting roles beyond those personalities though so can't judge her range, but then again she has plenty of aliases, so she might voice your favorite character and you might not even know it.