Bridget Regan





2/3/1982 , San Diego County, California, USA

Birth Name

Bridget Catherine Regan




For a fairly new actress who just began her career in 2006, Bridget Regan has already compiled quite an impressive resume. Most popular for her role as Kahlan Amnell in the fantasy action-adventure series Legend of the Seeker, Bridget has become one of the hottest newcomers on television. Growing up in San Diego, California, she knew even then that acting was what she wanted to pursue. During high school, Regan attended a summer acting conservatory where a teacher of hers raved about Gerald Freedman and convinced her to train under him.

She then spent four years studying in the School of Drama at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) where Freedman was the dean. After graduating in 2004, Bridget moved from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to New York City and worked on stage while auditioning for movies, television series guest roles, and TV pilots. While in New York, she was involved in several film and television projects including guest appearances on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where she played Assitant District Attorney Claudia Shankly, on the short-lived ABC drama Six Degrees as Diana Foss, and on the FOX police drama New Amsterdam, playing Daphne Tucker.

In 2007, Regan portrayed the recurring character Trish Hughes on NBC's The Black Donnellys before making her Broadway debut in Mark Twain's Is He Dead? (December 2007-March 2008) and playing hostess in the film Sex and the City (2008). However, the role that would launch her into television stardom came in the Fall of 2008 when she was cast as the captivating Confessor Kahlan Amnell in the syndicated series Legend of the Seeker, which was based on the Terry Goodkind fantasy novels. From the comforts of living in New York, Bridget flew halfway around the world to New Zealand for the making of the show, in which she is paired with Australian actor Craig Horner.
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