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Bridgett Riley

Bridgett Riley


5/13/1973, Oakville, Missouri

Birth Name

Bridgett ????Riley



Also Known As

Bridgett Rilley, Bridgett ^Babydoll^ Riley, Bridget Riley
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She became a martial artist after attending a few karate classes with her older brother and decided that she wanted to do it as well. At the age of 15 her first kickboxing coach gave her the nickname 'Babydoll".


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • former 5x kickboxing champion .

      she was the stunt double for halle berry in 2004's catwoman.

      she is a member of the black hall of fame.

      and is also the member of the screen actors guild (SAG) and american federation of television and radio artists (AFTRA).

  • Quotes

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  • a true insperation to young girls every where this mutli-talented women has proven time and time again that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. she started out as a flight attendant then to cheerleader then to kick-boxing sensation to boxing smoreless

    I followed babydoll's career from the time she was on wmac masters to her boxing duebt. from what I've seen she hasn't slowed down one bit. I find it kinda funny that she just so happens to share the ring/nick name "babydoll" with three other people. It's kinda funny huh?
  • stunt woman extrodiaire

    In WMAC masters she was Babydoll, the strong rising star kickboxer who, in her only starring espisoide, lacked the confidence to persue her dreams of the 'Dragon Star' title. even though she was only on the show for one season her character was an inspiration to young girls with dreams of athletic glory. But it didn't stop there, in addition to her continued work as a stunt woman (most notably/recently in 'Million dollar Baby') she is a champion boxer; continuing to be an inspiration to girls everwhere.moreless