Bridgette Andersen

Bridgette Andersen


7/11/1975, Malibu, California



Birth Name

Marriah Bridgette Andersen


Also Known As

Bridgette Anderson
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Bridgette Andersen was born on July 11, 1975 and grew up in Malibu, California. She is best known for her role as Savannah in 1982's Savannah Smiles". She also starred in "Fairie Tale Theater's Hansel & Gretel, with Ricky Schroeder and Joan Collins. Other movies inclue Parent Trap…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Brdigette Andresen was a lost Hollywood statistic.

    I was Bridgette Andersen's boyfriend at the time of her death in 1997. I was drug free, but not alcohol free. It was hard for me to keep her from dong what she did. I am free of alcohol today and for the rest of my life. I miss her everyday. I love you Bridgie.
  • I first saw Bridgette in Savannah Smiles in 1984 and my heart just melted! She was absolutely adorable and so talented for a 6 year old. I saw 3 of her other films and was totally heartbroken to find out that she lost her fight and life to drugs/alcohol.moreless

    A perfect little girl with a great start in life. All good things were ahead of her, unfortunately, she wasn\'t strong enough to fight the demons that have, sadly enough, taken her life. One can only wonder how far up the Hollywood ladder she would have went and how beautiful a woman she would be as well. Although I never knew her, I will miss her forever and know we will meet one day when the Lord comes to take me to heaven. More people loved her than she ever knew and miss her just as much as I do.moreless