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    • Bridgette's elder sister Tracy is also an actress...who, as a child, co-starred with Ellen Burstyn in the movie Resurrection. Until recent years, Tracy has been more active with theatrical productions than in movies or on TV. Her and Bridgette's parents are Dale and Kathy Wilson.

    • She has two sons, Christian Charles and Ryan Nikolaos, with tennis champion Pete Sampras.

    • She stands 5'9" tall (175cm).

    • In 1990, Wilson became the second Miss Teen Oregon to win the Miss Teen USA crown. Her projects over the years since have included: being a Miss Teen USA Pageant-judge; portraying the elder sister of a beauty contest-winner (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.

    • * Bridgette was born just three weeks after MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS star Jason David Frank, within the same month of the same year.

      * In addition to acting, Wilson is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has released two CDs: "Gimme a Kiss" and "I Only Wanna Be With You." Ironically, on that count, her star shines even brighter in Japan than in the United States.

    • Was in Billy Madison with Adam Sandler.

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