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  • Bridie is a Telented Actress and is a loverly Brilliant Woman...

    Bridie is a Beatiful, Brilliant Woman, She is a telented actress. Everyone knows her as Tess from McLoeds Daughters. She is now a Exibuy model. In 2006 When she left McLoeds to do Exibuy, most of the world was heartbroken. I think everyone would like to meet Bridie and I wish I had. I had the chance but It was to late She had already left Palmerston Exibuy Store. I hope I could have another chance to meet her, hopefully soon. Do you remember how heartbroken Tess was when Nick was conformind dead. But Nick came back and you should have seen the look on Tess's face!! As you know Tess married Nick and she and Nick left to go to Argintina. We will all miss Bridie and hope she does great at Ezibuy.