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    • Bridie: (on news that "McLeod's Daughters" had been given the axe) I would look at it and think 'Who are these people in my loungeroom? I don't want to mar McLeod's, but not everything was as it appears. I find it strange that not one of the original cast members is left. Perhaps they should have tried harder to keep people. Blue Heelers lasted 11 years and there were people on it for the whole series.

    • Bridie: Be true to yourself, follow your dreams with an open heart and anything's possible.

    • Bridie Carter: (talking about the job) Being an actor is a giving job. I need a pool of emotions to draw on to be physically strong to perform, and all that was gone.

    • Bridie (on "McLeod's Daughters"): This has to be one of the few TV series where the two leads are women and the main supporting cast are women, with some strong male supporting roles. This is a real change of pace. I usually get to play the role of a lover, girlfriend, wife or sister. Being a central character in this series is a nice place to be.

    • Bridie: I can't wait to have children. I'd like three at the most but one would be a blessing. It's hard work when you're doing a TV show... I know a lot of actresses hide their bumps but I don't want to be working in the first year of my child's life.

    • Bridie (on her childhood): As a kid I learned the guitar, clarinet, drums, piano and recorder and I've never stuck to any of them! I love writing in my spare time. I'm a very expressive person and also a terrible liar. I can't hide good moods or bad moods. Honesty is very important.

    • Bridie: If I'm here in Adelaide on weekends I tend to chill out and go to Central Markets – the culture there is fantastic. I see theatre when I can, films, I love hanging out in bookshops. I'm really into music, so I enjoy shopping for CD's – and of course, I love coffee!