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  • Brie Larson is amazingly talented and completely original.

    Brie Larson is extremely talented. She is one of my favorite singers. Brie began acting at a young age on the show Raising Dad. I have never seen the show, but I'm sure she was great in it because after that she landed starring roles in several movies. She played one of the Six Chicks in 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner. She also played the role of Courtney Enders in the Disney movie Righ On Track. Brie's next big role was as Liz in the teen comedy Sleepover. Shortly after Sleepover Brie recorded her first CD Finally Out Of P.E. Her song "She Said" appeared in the Disney movie Go Figure. I own Brie's CD and I love every song on it. Brie wrote 8 out of 13 songs on it. Brie later landed a starring role in the movie Hoot, playing Beatrice Leep. Brie recorded the song "Coming Around" for the movie's soundtrack. Brie has many devoted fans. Brie recently finished filming the movie Tanner Hall and several other movies. Brie is currently recording her second album. I can't wait for it to come out. I will always be a fan of Brie Larson. Brie is completely original and doesn't care what people think of her. She is an inspiration. Keep rocking, Brie!
  • Definitely one of a kind.

    When I first saw her on Raising Dad I'm ashamed ot say that I wrote her off as another not gonna make it teeny bopper, but I was completely wrong. Not only has she starred in a hit movie, but she's also put out an amazing CD proving that there is such a thing as being versatile. She's not only beautiful, but talented as all get out. I mean how many starlets can play 4 instruments? I can't wait to see her star rise in the Hollywood sky. She deserves to make it and if fate shines on her lovingly she'll get it. Good luck Brie!
  • I didnt know weither to put talented or original, because she is both.

    I had the chance to meet brie at the rock and shop tour, and i interact with her on her myspace. She seems to be a really sweet person. Her acting, i personally find very fun, as for her singing style, i think is great. She has a great CD out called \\\"Finally out of P.E\\\". Its great, and i feel teenage girls can really relate. You are aloud to say you dont like her, but you cant say she is talentless, because thats an opinion. Not a fact.

    Brie, you are a great, original artist.

  • Brie is a good actress and singer! She will go far in life!

    Brie is a good actress and singer! She will go far in life! She did a great job in 13 Going on 30 even though she had a small part. I also liked her on Raising Dad and in Sleepover. I can's wait to see Hoot when it comes out next year. I am also going to buy her CD Finally Out of PE (FOOPE) as soon as I can.
  • An awesome person!

    I was on aol-music when I saw a link to the song She Said from Brie. I thought she was a good actress (Right On Track) so I clicked on it. It was awesome. Brie is a very talented person. Her voice is natural, and it's not like anything I've ever heard. I became hooked onto her music. Her song Whatever is a must hear, also. I wish all the people who gave her bad reviews would at least listen to her music, or watch her act and realize the she is pretty awesome. Brie Larson should be a bigger star, and who knows, maybe she will be.
  • She's great!!

    I think Brie Larson is very talented!! She has a great voice and plays the guitar very well. I saw her on the Rock and Shop tour and she put on a GREAT! show!! :)I have heard 5 of hers song off her upcoming album "Finally Out Of PE" and they are awesome! I can't wait to hear the rest!
  • We saw Brie this weekend at the mall on the TEEN People tour. She had alot of energy and was entertaining to watch. She played the guitar on a couple songs and did a good job.

    We enjoyed her. I only wished she had done a couple more songs and that she come out earlier in the day, or did two sets instead of one. They had to much down time before she came out. I know they try to entertain people until the performer comes out but it was boring. Brie was very sweet and friendly to everyone after the show and took her time to talk to each person who wanted to visit her. We wish her the best in music and acting.