Brigid Brannagh





8/3/1972 , San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Brigid Walsh




Born August 3, 1972, Brigid Walsh is a native of San Francisco, California, and comes from a large Irish family -- eight brothers and sisters. And she has nearly as many credit names. She is sometimes credited as Brigid Walsh, less often as Brigid Conley Walsh, and most often as Brigid Brannagh.

Her acting career began while in her teens. At 14, she commuted between her home in San Francisco and Los Angeles where she worked in film and television. When she was 17, she landed the role of Katie Davis on the FOX television series True Colors. FOX also saw her as Sasha in Kindred: The Embraced. Most recently, she earned many new fans when she played Wesley's girlfriend Virginia Bryce on the WB's Angel. Ms. Brannagh continues to work extensively in television, making numerous guest appearances on regular series programs, including Ally McBeal, C.S.I, West Wing, and many others.

She enjoys writing, reading, and exercising. She also makes personal efforts to further various charites including The Special Olympics, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and Children's International.
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