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  • Trivia

    • Brigid does not have any children so she tries to imitate her sisters and their lives with their children in acting as Pamela on Army Wives in order to provide a realistic portrayal of the character.

    • Brigid travels between her home in California to South Carolina where they currently shoot Army Wives.

    • Pamela never spent a lot of time around boys growing up. She spent a lot of time around her husband and his friends later in her life and she uses her experiences to in acting out the masculine side of her character Pamela on Army Wives.

    • In her spare time Brigid loves to entertain family and friends. She likes to cook for everyone and drinking wine.

    • One of Brigid's favorite things to do is read murder-mystery novels.

    • Brigid grew up with five sisters.

    • Brigid's most memorable moment in filming Army Wives so far was the scene where she gave birth. It took 13 hours to shoot the scene and she screamed for so long she nearly lost her voice.

    • Brigid is not like her character Pamela on Army Wives. She's more in touch with her feminine side than Pamela but enjoys playing a woman who is in touch with her masculine side.

    • Brigid last starring role in a television series, before she was cast on Army Wives, was in Over There in 2005. Interestingly, the show was about the war in Iraq.

    • Brigid's favorite part of San Francisco is North Beach.

    • Brigid's mother once emailed her during an episode of Army Wives telling her she made the right moral decision and raised her daughter right.

    • As of the summer 2007 Brigid lives in Southern California with her husband.

    • Brigid is managed by Bob McGowen located in West Hollywood, California.

    • Brigid's agent is Karen Forman located in Los Angeles, California.

    • She is married to Justin Lyons.

  • Quotes

    • Brigid: (On what she hopes viewers take away from watching Army Wives) Well I really hope that people get, even if just a little glimpse, some perspective on what these military families go through.

    • Brigid: (On what she wants to tell her fans) Thank you. I couldn't really do what I do unless people are watching. I do love what I do immensely. Other than that, I would just hope that every one really gets to enjoy what they do as much as I have that opportunity.

    • Brigid: (On why she wanted to be a part of Army Wives) Well, it is Mark Gordon's company and he also does Grey's Anatomy. He also did the film The Matador with Pierce Brosnan. He's just great! His production and everyone working on this are just amazing artists, in terms of the stories that they bring to life. For that alone, I'd pretty much go to hell and back because they are just so talented and they care so deeply.

    • (Talking about growing up in San Francisco)
      Brigid: Every time I see the skyline, downtown, I mean it just makes me cry.