Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen


7/15/1963, Rødovre, Denmark

Birth Name

Gitte Nielsen


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Brigitte Nielsen is a Danish actress who became very popular in 1980s B-movies, most notably as the titular character in Red Sonja, due to her stature and sultry looks. Because of these attributes, she was termed an amazon by the press. Brigitte reached the height of her fame…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Brigitte is the tallest actress, standing at 6'1".

    • Ivana Trump acted as her witness at her second marriage to Mattia Dessi.

    • In February 2005, Brigitte credited her friend Flavor Flav with saving her life, when he dialed 911 as she suffered a severe morning asthma attack.

    • When Brigitte was 10 years old she got up every morning at 4:30 to deliver bread from the local bakery before she went to school to earn extra money.

    • Brigitte's ex-husband Sylvester Stallone was so "obsessed" with her appearance, he had her image carved into their furniture.

    • Brigitte spoke to her former mother-in-law Jackie Stallone for the first time since 1987 in January 2005, after the two had been cast mates on Celebrity Big Brother in 2001.

    • When Brigitte was a guest on the Howard Stern show, she stated that she had a relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the shooting of Red Sonja in 1985.

    • Brigitte escaped death after canceling a flight on the plane which crashed at Milan's Linate airport in October 2001.

    • While Brigitte was filming the 1988 movie Domino she suffered a miscarriage and production was forced to shut down for two weeks to allow her to recover.

    • Brigitte's first son Julian born in 1984 married Sine Thybeak Hansen on April 19, 2004 in Copenhagen on the same day and at the same age of his mother when she married Julian's father, the musician Kasper Winding.

    • Brigitte was an avid swimmer when she was young.

    • Brigitte is often referred to as the Great Dane.

    • Brigitte's measurements are reported to be 41DD - 23 1/2 - 37.

    • Brigitte released the singles "No more turning back" in 2000, "Tic Toc" in 2001, and You're No Lady" featuring the drag-queen RuPaul in summer 2002, using her real name Gitta.

    • The now bankrupt New World Studios hired Brigitte to pose for promotional photos highlighting the Marvel Comics character She-Hulk in 1989 to distribute as a possible movie. Though the pictures garnered much fan interest, they failed to produce interest in financial backers.

    • Brigitte was rumored to have turned down 1 million dollars to spend a night with an Arab prince in July of 1997.

    • Brigitte speaks four languages: Danish, Italian, English and German.

    • Brigitte's real name, Gitte is pronounced Ghee-Te.

  • Quotes

    • Brigitte: People think I'm strong because of the way I look. But I've a very sensitive side and need to be loved by everyone.

    • Brigitte: I'm not a beautiful person and I never have been. My ex Sylvester Stallone was obsessed with my looks. He got my profile carved into the place settings of our crystal dining table. And he commissioned a bronze statue of the two of us in our underwear for his garden. It was so embarrassing. But I never understood his fascination.

    • Brigitte: Nothing in life can ever be too big. At least, that's what I've always told all my boyfriends, and I'm not just talking about diamond rings.

    • Brigitte: I like to have men look at me from the bottom to the top.

    • Brigitte: When you makes movies, you usually make good money. But it is also a very tough job. Once you enter the public eye, you have to be aware that you give up a huge part of your own life. And it is never a job from nine to five.

    • Brigitte: I do expose my body, but only because I think people should have something nice to look at.