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Brita Petersons was a contestant on the UPN reality show America's Next Top Model in cycle four. She was the first girl eliminated because the judges felt she was too old (25 at the time) and not thin enough to begin a successful modelling career. Soon after her…more


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  • I am friends with Indra, Brita's sister. I saw pictures of Brita and thought she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, so is her other 2 sisters!- What a shame that this show has such poor taste- Brita is stunning- the prettiest on the show!moreless

    Brita is absolutly beautiful- I have seen photos of her through her sister- Her entire family including her mom are very beautiful! I dont watch reality TV much but when I saw her I actually stopped flipping the channels and was captivated by her beauty. She is a goddess! I think that her image is natural and flawless. The judges were harsh about her weight and her age! Those other girls are yes beautiful in their own right- but they are way to skinny for other girls to really identify with..Brita is not old. Those other girls are too young to really have the life experiences that a few more years can give them. Not to mention that on the show she was uncomfortable with showing her underwear..that shows us that she will not compromise her integrity by letting her morals go for a photo shoot! Brita is a role model for all females. She is strong about her beliefs, a beautiful woman on the inside and out. I wish her luck and I hope that one day the modeling industry can learn to accept beauty not just in appearance, but the type of beauty that encompasses strenght, integrity and loyalty

    Brita you are an amazing woman and I wish you and your family well.moreless
  • Beautiful woman nowhere near being America's Next Top Model.

    What were they thinking when they eliminated Brita first? They were thinking that she looked too old and too fat. How could they think that? They're crazy! Brita is one of the most attractive contestants to ever compete on America's Next Top Model. She was sweet, funny, and interesting to boot. Speaking of which, she was booted by the team of (obviously cracked out) judges after stumpy, chub-master Nole Marin called her fat. Janice claimed Brita was too old to be a model but guessed Brita was much younger before she knew the truth. Some things in the universe will always remain mysteries, I guess.moreless