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  • great at one time

    She was great at one time
  • Britney

    I'm an older person, so I am not so easily blown away by you any of your falls. Give up the judging are clearly not cut out for it. If you decide to stay on X Factor, then get in the game, act like you give a damn, and don't throw your person a curve ball at the end of the game when she is clearly not embracing it. You got your step it up, or step back............... example: wow hit or miss for Tate were you even listening or looking at the leader board?????
  • Grew up with her.

    Saw her on tour when she was with NSYNC. Glad she is doing a lot better. I am very happy for her.Hope she stays on the right track. But hate her on "X-Factor".
  • I Felt This

    I don't know how this song popped in my list, but I was really glad to hear it. It brightened Britney's light in my heart. Just want to share how she's been an inspiration to almost everyone ...

    Britney by Bebo Norman

    Britney I'm sorry for the lies we told

    We took you into our arms and then left you cold

    Britney I'm sorry for this cruel, cruel world

    We sell the beauty but destroy the girl

    Britney I'm sorry for your broken heart

    We stood aside and watched you fall apart

    I'm sorry we told you fame would fill you up

    And money moves the man so drink the cup

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back for you

    Yes coming back for you

    Britney I'm sorry for the stones we throw

    We tear you down just so we can watch the show

    Britney I'm sorry for the words we say

    We point the finger as you fall from grace

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    And I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back for you

    Yeah, it's coming back for you,

    Yeah, it's coming back for you,

    Yeah, it's coming back for you, yeah

    Britney I do believe that love has come

    Here for the broken

    Here for the ones like us

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    And I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    I can see it coming back for you

    It's coming back for you... yeah

  • From Good to Bad

    I have no idea what happened, I guess she just changed a ton! I hope her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't end up like that, because Jamie is sweet and doesn't derserve to be exactly like her sister.

    I hope she doesn't take after her!

    Now Britney is a drug addict, and kinda innaproppriate. :P
  • A little nice before, but she crashed her own life.

    She looks beautiful before, and really nice when it comes to dancing. But she sucks at singing. IMO she should have been a dancer or an actor. She has a good poise before. Right now, nothing was left. Everything sank down into the ashes. She sucks at dancing now, attitude, and life. She became a drug addict. She has a lot of potential, but she didn't used it properly. Why?
  • Great performer,

    and great dance moves. She works really hard, and she knows how to put on a show. Her voice is very different.
  • she went from the mickey mouse club to being a pop princess and selling multiple platium albums

    i was born in 1990 were and in the late 90s her career began and she took off from there selling huge amounts of sales and making some really good songs. she started to have a story book career but these last few years things have changed since she married kevin and then had two kids and then things went crazy with here. but she has started to come back by making another album and making more songs which are not that bad. she has tons of fans and has sold out tons of concerts so i think she is not that bad of singer and .
  • Even though she's had problems in her life, I think she's a wonderful singer.

    Incredibly, I've loved Britney since I was five years old-my favorite song she sang back then was Baby One More Time- and I still love her now. She may have had lots of problems in the past but I don't like her any less for that. And although she's had trouble with her life, she really is a nice girl in real life. And despite all that, I think she's the best singer out there. I love almost everyone of her songs and a few of them are my all time favorite songs. She's a very pretty girl. Britney Spears is probably my all time best singer.
  • It's Britney b*tch! Haha, I'm starting to like her again... she's a great dancer.

    Britney Spears is somebody that I've known since I was like 5 or 6. She used to be someone that little girls looked up too until she started getting more sexual with her music videos and what clothes she was wearing. Maybe that's because a lot of people told her that "Sex Sells". I kinda grew out of her when I was 13, then I didn't like her so much. Because of some of the stuff she did. But now that she's getting her life back on track, why not give her another chance? Britney is probably one of the two reasons why I love to dance, the other part is because my sister dance in high school. Anyway, I've came to realize that she is only human and I feel so bad for her because of all the sh*t she's been through. Her douchebag of a husband, her aunt dying, and the fact that the paparazzi won't let her live her life! Her life has been slowly disappearing cause she can't go anywhere without somebody chasing her with a flashing camera. I say leave her alone! And let her live! She's a human being. Britney is great, a great dancer, and sure can keep the audience wanting to dance.
  • britney spears as she recovers becomes a rolemodel at once she was and then went crazy im not saying she is a bad person she should be proud of her self for recovering and doing all she can to help her boys

    britney spears rocks she is a great rolemodel (now)
    and she is very pretty i can't believe how beautiful she is now and the one last thing she needs to do is to get full custody of her boys and have a happy life
    i'm one year older than her and we were born on the same month and day wich i think is really interesting
    so yeah she made a remarkable recover and all of her songs are just amazing especially her albums but some of her songs are very inspiring and joyful to hear but she is my idol .
  • It's Britney b*tch!

    Britney Spears has shown us all she has what it takes. She has been in the spotlight ever since her first hit "...Baby One More Time." With 6 albums (not including 'B In The Mix' or 'Greatest Hits: My Prerogative' which are compilation albums) behind her in her career - Britney has made it far in the world of Hollywood. Britney Spears is underrated. She's talented, smart, funny, beautiful and an amazing person. She had a rough 2 years recently. Everyone has their ups and downs - and Britney has to do this all in the spotlight. It's 2009 and a brand new year, which means a fresh start! She's released an awesome new album 'Circus' and has a concert tour this spring! It's Britney b*tch! She's back baby!
  • Britney Spears has made a comeback.

    People thought Britney went crazy. Well i don't think that is fair because she went through a lot at that time. She got divorced with K-Fed while having two babies to take care of. She lost visitation rights but earned them back. She was accused of using illegal drugs, even though she wasn't. I think you should watch Britney: For the Record because it really tells you her story. She clears things up for you. Her new singles Womanizer and Circus are amazing. She has truly made a comeback. People don't understand Britney. I support Britney 110% on her comeback. GO BRITNEY!
  • Great!

    Well to start i think even though she's been famous from a very young age it's obvious it's been bad for her...from having a very pushy mam and a quite controlling dad she was singing at fairs at the age of 6 or something i think she would've been better if she waited because although her songs through the years are all great...if she'd waited she wouldn't have made all the comebacks and have all the problems...everything seems to have gone wrong for britney and yes i will say it "I Blame The Parents" lol I absolutly love britney and i dont think theres a song out there that shes sung that i dont like but i do feel sorry for her! Hopefully though this will be her last comeback and she'll stick with it this time and stay around instead of her last one where she brought out "Gimme more" and "Piece of me" and "Break the ice" off album "Blackout" and then disappear again....hopefully now she's brought out "Womanizer" it'll be all up hill from there for her!! I wish her all the luck and think Kevin Federline should get out her life just cos he's always brought her down he's just a scrounger a bit like Kerry Katona's Mark lol but thats a different review!! lol
    So Good Luck Brit....glad your back.xx
  • The best singer.

    I've been a fan of since I was around 7 years old. I know that she has made a coule of scandals, but I've never stopped liking here just because of those things. She's an awesome singer and she acted very good in Crossroads. She would have been great in a TV series where she's one of the stars or a recurring.

    Many of my friends don't like her because of things she does. But everything's good now. He got her body back and her sixth studio album is coming soon. And I really think that will be her REAL comeback, instead of Blackout. That wasn't her best actually.

    Anyways, Britney has a wonderful voice and is one of the biggest starts in history.
  • The best

    What can I say about Britney Spears? I have almost every record she´ve released, I´ve sang and danced every hit... I just adore her. I´ve been up to every drama she´d been through. I am her truly fan. She is the most beautiful singer ever, charming. Although she is not the best singer I like her voice. Nobody can expect more to pop stars. When I was in Chicago I missed one of her shows, I wanna kill my Dad for that!!! Joking! So everyone who agrees with me can check my profile and track me, I´ll be very happy whit that.
  • She is still young!!

    Britney Jean Spears. Born on December 2, 26 years old and famous ever since she starred in a role on Mickey Mouse Club house side wiht Justin Timberlake, ex-boyfriend, and Christina Aguilera. Yes she has done lots of bad things, like shaving her head and such. But she only did it because someone dear to her died, not because she was on Crack!! She has gotten her kids taken away from her, but she is trying to do everything to get them back!!! She is still young, and lots of people make mistakes. I mean common she is over 18!! I support her no matter what! And you guys should atleast try to support her a little more. Yes her carrer has went downhill, but I still think her music and dancing skills are awesome, and maybe will be on top one day again!!!
  • I'm not a fan but I really feel sorry for her...

    Britney has had alot of trouble in her life. I feel sorry for her. She has been in the spotlight for too long and the publicity people have to stop bothering her. If she was left alone than she could start getting her act together. The gossip magazines always poke at her personal life. It's hard for every famous pperson to have a good love life. Privacy is a huge issue for her. She really needs it. I'd suggest going away for awhile secrestly for maybe even a few years so people will stop bothering her. I saw a YouTube video of her,I think it was her cuz that's what it was titled, and she had been talking about time travel. She asked her friend that if he could, would he go back in time and change things. She probably wants whether it was her or not. She has some talent but her style is not my thing.
  • Come on.

    Come on why people always say bad things about Britney Spears she is talented and a very good singer. She has performed on alot of shows and has a couple od Cd's that are popular right. In my opinion I think that she is a really talented singer. I really want to meet her and I don't have much to say but she is awesome. I started to listen to her music in 2000 and it was totally awesome. She has really good acting skills and people like to watch them and I like her and that is all I have to say about her.
  • too bad she spoilt herself

    I have to say, this girl has talent. She can sing, act and dance. Its such a pity she went the wrong way. I think she even influenced her sister, Jaime Spears who which i might say got pregnant.
    I heard Britney met with some accident or something but i dont think its true. Im not sure i saw it on the whatthebuckshow on youtube. Anyway, getting back to the topic. Britney Spears i think is extremely talented. If she would mend her evil ways i can assure you she would be rich, successful and positivly, extrmemly happy. PS: I love Lucky!
  • Paparazzi won't leave her alone and people can't stop wondering about her life .

    Britney Spears .she's one of those stars that's been out there for years but her career went down hill as she grew up .i don't think she's a bad person, i just think she's made some bad choices in life .she's one of the most popular stars to read about, and people are always wondering what's going on with her .she's going through tough times, but i don't think that gives people a right to judge her .people shouldn't be able to say she's a bad person, or that she sucks because none of us really know her .i'm not saying i'm her biggest fan or that i hate her .i'm basically nutural to the whole thing .don't get me wrong, i'm not saying you should change your opinion on things .i'm just saying how i feel, NOT how you should feel .thank you for reading (:
  • What happen to her!?!

    Okay, I used to like Britney spears now I don't like Britney spears anymore. It's because Britney Spears always getting into trouble. I was very shocked that Britney Spears allowed her son sit on her lap legs in the car. That's was very bad idea. That would be very danger for her son what if Britney crash her car then her son might get die. Well, that my not my problem. Well, don't do like that stuff! If Britney Spears are dirty, drunk and etc. Then her all fans may hate her. So am I. I am really missing old Britney Spears. Now Britney's life thing change. Yes, that's her problem. Sorry, I can't help it. Sorry, I don't even like her.
  • Britney Spears is born on December 2nd 1981. She is well known as a Pop Singer since the time of Mickey Mouse Club in 1989.

    Britney Spears is born on December 2nd 1981. She is well known as a Pop Singer since the time of Mickey Mouse Club in 1989.

    Well, I think Britney Spears have now find herself back after all the times, she have went into a lost zone dealing with problems controling herself.

    So, i am giving Britney another choice on her rebirth back to us all. So, She needs fight her Evil Twin so hard not to return back into a hell zone were she was crap before.

    If Britney dies again from us all in a hell zone? That's it i will hang up not like her ever again now on.
  • A bad role model.

    When I was a young girl, Britney Spears was my idol. Now she disappoints me. She used to be my favorite singer and I saw her concert, too. When Britney started acting nuts and doing bad things, I just went into disappointment. The magazines even sat that there is a curse on Britney's family. I believe that because of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy scandal. The weirdest part is that Britney still does concerts. I can't believe her!! Their mom, Lynne, is trying to cope with Britney and Jamie and I don't blame her for that. I even feel bad for Lynne for having two daughters who are scandals.
  • Does anyone else think that something went wrong in Brit's mind? Who's fault is it really? What the fric happened?!

    OK, I've been thinking... there's only three possible answers on why Britney Spears became so loco.

    Reason #1-The Papparazi-: We all know how crazy the papparazi are. But with Britney-it's like a bunch of wasps and honey. If you've seen her video 'Everytime' it shows crazy paparazos and bath tub suicide. Din't she try to commit suicide a few days ago?

    Reason #2-Justin Timberlake-Justin is one of the main reasons why Britney became a train wreck. He broke her heart and left her for Cameron. Have you ever heard the song 'She'll Never Be Me?' It's on YouTube. Go listen!

    Reason #3-Kevin Federline- Kevin mage her miss out-of-control-baby-dropping-head-shaving-car-attacker-with-umbrella-maniac that she's become in the past 3 4 5 years. It's THEIR fault. I'm not saying that I like her. I'm pointing something out.
  • What can you say about Britney that hasn't been said?

    Not much. I remember teen Britney; everyone does. Okay, so she could never sing, but in this world that's okay. If you're hot and willing to shake your butt at the camera, you can make a career in the music business. She was the dream of horny pre-teens and teenagers, she had money, anything she wanted, all the trappings of fame. Now look at here. It's harsh, but she's just one step above a whore right now. What that girl needs to do is get out of Hollywood, out of the public eye, and get her life sorted out. Because if she doesn't, she'll be dead before she hits thirty.
  • Wow, what happened to Britney?

    When I was younger Britney was the "pop princess", now look what happened to her. I used to like Britney Spears. Now I just hear her on the news everywhere about her getting into rehab and what not. I also hear about Britney letting her boys sit on her lap... while she was driving a car. This is what Hollywood has done to Britney. So this is how it ends... Britney slowly fades as the pop princess and starts having stories on the news about going into rehab and letting her kids sit on her lap while drinving.

    Overall: The sad end of Britney Spears. I feel her popularity is going way down. Goodbye teen Britney, I'll miss you ;_;
  • Most talked about.

    from her ups to her downs, everyone talked about this girl. remember her siff dancing at the awards, to her umbrella attack on the car, her shavng of her head, to her lawsut with the popperazzi, to her suing with her ex-husband(kevin) and her breakup, her bad driving, her worst driving with her children ,and her taking away of her children. all this happened within one year. the stress and the repeated name everywhere you go, brittany Spears. so unique this year. she came out with a song and then a church argued about a priest about to have sex(i think). then on a guy naed Chris Crocker made a video, telling the people of the World to leave Briitany alone. go check out the video. i think that she was absolutely the most talked about in the 2007.
  • Ummm...

    My second review on this female disaster. Let's see, I know it's not easy haivng the media chase you around and say bad things about you. Boo hoo, Britney, but you're not the only one to be degraded by the media. If she were really a strong person, she would deal with this more maturely, like going to rehab and doing good acts to cover her craziness. If people say otherwise, ignore it! Easier said than done, but if she had an ounce of intelligence, she would know that the more she continues to act crazy, the more people will trash her. Start doing something good with your life, Britney, and maybe the media will not try to get some crazy story out of you again.
  • What is Hollywood doing to these people?????????

    I'm sure someone said this already but....


    Now, no doubt she's a spoiled brat but you have to really ask yourself, is it her fault?

    You can argue that she's a grown up, an individual and she should be able to make grown up and better decisions. So she screwed up. Big deal. Many people screw up in their lives. She just happened to screw up real bad and in front of the media. Seriously, it's easy to criticize on the sidelines but it's not easy being Britney even with all the glamor and fortune.

    Imagine a young girl being thrown into fame and fortune before she had a full understand of what fame and fortune truly was. This is Britney. She got herself into a mess that she wasn't even aware existed. What and who comprised her support system to give her the proper guidance?

    Hollywood. I'm sure that'll teach a kid to grow up nice and fine...
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