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  • I Felt This

    I don't know how this song popped in my list, but I was really glad to hear it. It brightened Britney's light in my heart. Just want to share how she's been an inspiration to almost everyone ...

    Britney by Bebo Norman

    Britney I'm sorry for the lies we told

    We took you into our arms and then left you cold

    Britney I'm sorry for this cruel, cruel world

    We sell the beauty but destroy the girl

    Britney I'm sorry for your broken heart

    We stood aside and watched you fall apart

    I'm sorry we told you fame would fill you up

    And money moves the man so drink the cup

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back for you

    Yes coming back for you

    Britney I'm sorry for the stones we throw

    We tear you down just so we can watch the show

    Britney I'm sorry for the words we say

    We point the finger as you fall from grace

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    And I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back for you

    Yeah, it's coming back for you,

    Yeah, it's coming back for you,

    Yeah, it's coming back for you, yeah

    Britney I do believe that love has come

    Here for the broken

    Here for the ones like us

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    And I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    But I can see it coming back

    I know love goes around the world we know

    And you never see it coming back

    You never see it coming back

    I can see it coming back for you

    It's coming back for you... yeah

  • Even though she's had problems in her life, I think she's a wonderful singer.

    Incredibly, I've loved Britney since I was five years old-my favorite song she sang back then was Baby One More Time- and I still love her now. She may have had lots of problems in the past but I don't like her any less for that. And although she's had trouble with her life, she really is a nice girl in real life. And despite all that, I think she's the best singer out there. I love almost everyone of her songs and a few of them are my all time favorite songs. She's a very pretty girl. Britney Spears is probably my all time best singer.
  • britney spears as she recovers becomes a rolemodel at once she was and then went crazy im not saying she is a bad person she should be proud of her self for recovering and doing all she can to help her boys

    britney spears rocks she is a great rolemodel (now)
    and she is very pretty i can't believe how beautiful she is now and the one last thing she needs to do is to get full custody of her boys and have a happy life
    i'm one year older than her and we were born on the same month and day wich i think is really interesting
    so yeah she made a remarkable recover and all of her songs are just amazing especially her albums but some of her songs are very inspiring and joyful to hear but she is my idol .
  • It's Britney b*tch!

    Britney Spears has shown us all she has what it takes. She has been in the spotlight ever since her first hit "...Baby One More Time." With 6 albums (not including 'B In The Mix' or 'Greatest Hits: My Prerogative' which are compilation albums) behind her in her career - Britney has made it far in the world of Hollywood. Britney Spears is underrated. She's talented, smart, funny, beautiful and an amazing person. She had a rough 2 years recently. Everyone has their ups and downs - and Britney has to do this all in the spotlight. It's 2009 and a brand new year, which means a fresh start! She's released an awesome new album 'Circus' and has a concert tour this spring! It's Britney b*tch! She's back baby!
  • Great!

    Well to start i think even though she's been famous from a very young age it's obvious it's been bad for her...from having a very pushy mam and a quite controlling dad she was singing at fairs at the age of 6 or something i think she would've been better if she waited because although her songs through the years are all great...if she'd waited she wouldn't have made all the comebacks and have all the problems...everything seems to have gone wrong for britney and yes i will say it "I Blame The Parents" lol I absolutly love britney and i dont think theres a song out there that shes sung that i dont like but i do feel sorry for her! Hopefully though this will be her last comeback and she'll stick with it this time and stay around instead of her last one where she brought out "Gimme more" and "Piece of me" and "Break the ice" off album "Blackout" and then disappear again....hopefully now she's brought out "Womanizer" it'll be all up hill from there for her!! I wish her all the luck and think Kevin Federline should get out her life just cos he's always brought her down he's just a scrounger a bit like Kerry Katona's Mark lol but thats a different review!! lol
    So Good Luck Brit....glad your back.xx
  • The best singer.

    I've been a fan of since I was around 7 years old. I know that she has made a coule of scandals, but I've never stopped liking here just because of those things. She's an awesome singer and she acted very good in Crossroads. She would have been great in a TV series where she's one of the stars or a recurring.

    Many of my friends don't like her because of things she does. But everything's good now. He got her body back and her sixth studio album is coming soon. And I really think that will be her REAL comeback, instead of Blackout. That wasn't her best actually.

    Anyways, Britney has a wonderful voice and is one of the biggest starts in history.
  • The best

    What can I say about Britney Spears? I have almost every record she´ve released, I´ve sang and danced every hit... I just adore her. I´ve been up to every drama she´d been through. I am her truly fan. She is the most beautiful singer ever, charming. Although she is not the best singer I like her voice. Nobody can expect more to pop stars. When I was in Chicago I missed one of her shows, I wanna kill my Dad for that!!! Joking! So everyone who agrees with me can check my profile and track me, I´ll be very happy whit that.
  • She is still young!!

    Britney Jean Spears. Born on December 2, 26 years old and famous ever since she starred in a role on Mickey Mouse Club house side wiht Justin Timberlake, ex-boyfriend, and Christina Aguilera. Yes she has done lots of bad things, like shaving her head and such. But she only did it because someone dear to her died, not because she was on Crack!! She has gotten her kids taken away from her, but she is trying to do everything to get them back!!! She is still young, and lots of people make mistakes. I mean common she is over 18!! I support her no matter what! And you guys should atleast try to support her a little more. Yes her carrer has went downhill, but I still think her music and dancing skills are awesome, and maybe will be on top one day again!!!
  • Come on.

    Come on why people always say bad things about Britney Spears she is talented and a very good singer. She has performed on alot of shows and has a couple od Cd's that are popular right. In my opinion I think that she is a really talented singer. I really want to meet her and I don't have much to say but she is awesome. I started to listen to her music in 2000 and it was totally awesome. She has really good acting skills and people like to watch them and I like her and that is all I have to say about her.
  • I love Britney.

    Britney Spears is one of the most talented people out there. I'm not saying she's the best singer or the best anything but to me she is the best. I have listened to her music since I was a small kid. Every album and every song show a more mature side of Britney and as her music matured so did I. Everyone has their ups and downs. Britney is now going through her down but she's coming back and coming storng. I have followed Britney since Baby One More Time and I will follow her till death. I Love Britney.
  • Hilary Duff is Born on September 28 1987. She now in her start 20's years.

    Hilary Duff is born on September 28 1987. She is now in her last teens years at 19 years old of age.

    I like or love Hilary Duff in the whole world. She is my best fav. Young Actress/Singer ever.

    Before Hilary Duff ever become popular she was very young yet in 1997/2001. And also Before i ever knew she was a very good actress & a singer. I liked The Olsen Twins alot before Hilary Duff come along. But Hilary Duff come along
    in 2001 with Lizzie McGuire Tv Series she was a little bit better then The Olsen Twins. Hilary Duff evern beated my old likes The Olsen Twins out of my number 1 spot. She is
    now my Number 1 Young Actess ever. I still like The Olsens alot but Hilary Duff Levels over them little bit better Actress then Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are. And Hilary Did Level over My another old likeing Britney Spears alot. She beat Britney Spears alot a better singer then her. But again I still like Britney Spears alot anyways as a Singer.

    I like all of Hilary Duff's Popular Movies & Evern her Start Career Movies as well. She is a very good Actress.

    L like every bit of Hilary Duff's Songs as a Singer. She a very good Singer.

    My Best/Fav. Young Actress are:
    -Hilary Duff-(My Main/Number 1 Actress)
    -The Olsen Twins-(My Co-Main/Number 1 Actress)
  • Britney is the best, She is beautiful and talented

    Britney is an amazing singer and performer she is the best she sold 76 millions since 1999 to 2005, she us the Queen of Pop, no one else will be like her, she is beautiful in 2004 she was consider by FHM as the hottest woman, she is so famous, the Britney's haters says that she is crap or things like that, but she is not, she is a great woman everybody loves her, the people says -I hate Britney she sings horrible- but those people is watching her music videos, listening her music, so why the haters doesn't admitt the fact that they love BRITNEY?.
  • Britney is so pretty, but she is a spoiled brat. She has a really good voise to her music. She is one of my favorites. Her sister Lynn Spears is alot prettier than Britney when Britney was little. Britney is very talented and she is good at it.

    Britney Spears Has gotten prettier as she grew up. Now she is so hot! I really like most of her songs. She is so talented. I love her body and I've always wanted that my body to look like that. Except now that she has gained some weight. I have always wanted to dance like her.
  • Britney Spears rules!

    Britney Spears is just one of the best women I have ever seen in my life, and I love very, very much all her songs and I love too the way she dances, the way she sings, and I think that she is a very talented and beautiful girl, and I think that when I am older I would like to be a woman just like her, even in the aspect of being a famous pop star, those of you who said Britney is terrible, are just jealous, I believe she is great, so stop criticizing her.
  • All I have to say is that it is Britney Spears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Britney. Her music is great! She may be misunderstood a little bit. But her heart is in the right place. Her music is just awsome. i have loved her since the beginning. I can't wait for her new record! Which will be amazing as like all of her other ones.
  • britneys a clasic

    britney has got me through my childhood all you people that say she has no talent are just jelous!

    i love her she can sing!!!

    her lyrics are insperational! she has pure talent which is something you dont get anymore.

    all those people that bitch about her stop!

    she\'s the best thing since slice bread

  • You know,this review should explain itself.

    Brat,wipe,b****,and an ******e.Those are what describe this @$$-kissing b****. I think she is bad enough,she already has a mini-me of herself (Jamie-Lynn) we must suffer a CHILD from this so*? I thnk we suffered enough. Sure,she was hit,and a great singer...BACK THEN! Wemust now face a whole 'nother GENERATION of her!
  • SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could anybody say anything about Britney Spears other than sexy?

    Britney Spears is so sexy. With the Baby One More Time video, you knew she was gonna be hot and big. Remember at the 00 Vma\'s when she was wearing that suit and all the guys were like \"&*#$ shes wearing a suit, I watched this to see Britney in a sexy short skirt and sexy tank top,\" but she did not disappoint when she stripped out of that suit to reveal that super super seXy see through bra and super super sexy see through pants then danced all over the floor like she was having sex... that was hot. Britney\'s hot and I love all of the pics with her in those short skirts and tight tank tops, she is super super sexy, shes got the sexiest legs in the world. Its always hot when she comes on stage wearing something then she strips out of it to reveal something super super sexy. Britney is seXy.
  • They don\'t call her the \"Princess of Pop\" for nothing.

    Britney Spears will go down in history as one of the greatest pop stars to ever walk the face of this earth. A blind person could see that she was born to do what she does, and to be so great at it, my hat goes off to her. Britney, I wish you much success in all that you do.
  • Britney Spears is one of my most favourite people. I listen to her songs EVERYDAY becasue her songs are good ok?! They got good beat and she writes ALOT of them. She dances amazingly and most importantly she is a good person, she's never said anthing mean

    Britney Spears is one of my most favourite people. I listen to her songs EVERYDAY becasue her songs are good ok?! They got good beat and she writes ALOT of them. She dances amazingly and most importantly she is a good person, she's never said anthing mean and she donates. So whats wrong with her? I mean if you have a problem wiht the clothes, please take a look at other hundreds of celebrities and then comment. People just have a problem with her because she moved away from her 17 year old image which is fine because she isn't 17 anymore! She honest and married for true love and not money and now has done a considerably daring thing for her career by becoming a mother at 24 with all the fame.
  • Britney Rock And Linkin Park Not!!!!!!!!

    Britney Jean Spears is the best singer ever ! !
    her best song is "overprotected" and "toxic"!
    and her best album is "britney". she is beautiful
    and she sing awsome ! and shes a great actor (Crossroads 2002)and her songs are great, her video clips are great and she is great! Who's With me???
  • Britney is great!

    I used to be one of those people that hated Britney, but not anymore. Britney has grown up a lot since then, and has become a respectable woman.

    1. She is a talented singer and dancer, and always has been.

    2. She is a great big sister! She defended Jamie against the evil Alexa Nikolas, who plays Nicole on "Zoey 101". This girl keeps making up rumors about people on the show, and has been doing this for half a year now, so Britney gave her a good talking-to. Alexa looks up to Britney so hopefully she'll stop making up lies about people.

    3. She is a great wife and stepmother and I'm sure she'll make a great mom to her new baby!
  • I love Britney!

    Britney spears is one of my all time favorite singers. I am a 40 year old mother and I love her. I love to hear her sing, I love to watch her dance, I love her clothes, and I thinks she will make a great mother. The only thing she shouldn't have done was marry Kevin. He is just using her. She deserves better!
  • Amazing, people need to give her more credit, shes the best.

    I think she is one of the best stars of this century. I love her and she needs to get more credit, shes a hardworking artist. People give her flack for the stupidist things. Shes normal, just like you and me. Her music is amazing, and im 110% sure she'll be around for along time. Britney rocks. End of story.
  • Britney Spears is the best! She can sing, dance, act. Now she is becoming a mother. She is in a league of her own. She\'s a legend. She\'s been compared to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. Who wouldn\'t like a talented, beautiful, down to earth person

    She has sold over 100 million records. Including 40+ million singles. She is the best out of her genre, and she stays true to herself, and her art. She doesn\'t bash anyone for the sake of gaining press, and her heart is bigger than her body. She\'s truly the best superstar out now. She deserves all the success she recieves. She is the youngest to recieve a hollywood walk of fame star. She is the American Dream.
  • The Britney Spears Review

    Alot of people who call Britney Spears a whore and slut are not telling the truth. Britney Spears is an amazing singer and performer. If you have been watching her new tv show you really get a chance to see who Britney is. Britney is just like any other 24 year old she likes to have fun and she will make some stupid mistakes along the way. Now she is married and having her first child and she is married to some one who she loves and having a kid by some one she loves. You wont see the last of Britney Spears because she is a true pop princess!
  • Paparazzi won't leave her alone and people can't stop wondering about her life .

    Britney Spears .she's one of those stars that's been out there for years but her career went down hill as she grew up .i don't think she's a bad person, i just think she's made some bad choices in life .she's one of the most popular stars to read about, and people are always wondering what's going on with her .she's going through tough times, but i don't think that gives people a right to judge her .people shouldn't be able to say she's a bad person, or that she sucks because none of us really know her .i'm not saying i'm her biggest fan or that i hate her .i'm basically nutural to the whole thing .don't get me wrong, i'm not saying you should change your opinion on things .i'm just saying how i feel, NOT how you should feel .thank you for reading (:
  • Great performer,

    and great dance moves. She works really hard, and she knows how to put on a show. Her voice is very different.
  • All I can say is, K-Fed ruined her...

    Britney use to be a very talented, beautiful singer. Then it all came crashing down as soon as she met Kevin Federline. Then came the proposal and then the horrific show "Chaotic" and then marriage. She definitely looks horrible now and she needs to get back into her career before there is nothing left for her to come back to. She could have done so much better with her life if only she had stayed away from K-Fed. He's so gross.
  • great at one time

    She was great at one time
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