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  • Damn, she and Kevin work fast.

    Terrible role model in all ways, and I can't believe she would actually kiss Madonna on the lips on live TV. She is kind of like Paris Hilton, only, not a slut. Now she has a baby boy, so Iguess her career is gone. Oh well, she wasn't that great anyway.
  • Britney Spears is a overrated, talentless brat. Just because she is a famous singer, it doesn\'t mean she can sing.

    Britney Spears is a worthless, talentless, spoiled brat. She\'s had an easy life and is a drain on society. She has never done anything of important signifigance in her entire life. She is a pathetic excuse for an entertainer, unless you find her stupidity amusing. She claims she is a devout Christian, yet she practices Kabbalah, a type of Judaism, and and lives an sinful life. She can\'t sing or dance (which is why she fell and broke her knee when she tried to) and is very plain without make up caked onto her face. She shouldn\'t be idolized, she should be pitied.
  • AN iDiOt!!!!!

    kissed madona on stage
    then got married
    had u know what
    had a baby
    smoked while she had a baby
    and always showed her boobs
    and she has that stupid actcent and so dose jamie lynn her sis
    still she messed up her life and she CANT fix it and thats her stupid fault i cant believe i liked her once and i hope i will never like her again in my ENTIRE life!!!!!
  • britney has no talent. she has an ego the size of the universe and no reason to have that ego. she has proven time and again that she is even more dumb than jessica simpson, she cant sing at all, and her dance moves are increibly easy to do...


    on top of all of that she dresses like she just walked out of the strip club. now come on! what kind of role model is that for little girls. see this is what i think happened. when britney first started out with "baby one more time" she had people tellin her how to sing, how to dance, how to dress, how to talk in interviews. their advice made her a celebrity. but then she got an ego and thought she can do it on her own. and now we see britney as she really is. white trash redneck!
  • why is she even a star!?

    I cannot believe she has fans!? that talentless slag somebody needs to shoot that manager who even though that she can sing she is a selfish bitch who spends her cash for her luxury and her high class sh*t that makes me sick she dresses like a middle aged prostitute no scratch that prostitutes wear better clothing than her she is useless and now i pity her baby who is gonna live with a dumb cracka** mother, her song are old she should have stick with her old songs when she was ok now i still don't know how much she pay her so called fans to even listen to her i hope she have a rotten life!
  • From Good to Bad

    I have no idea what happened, I guess she just changed a ton! I hope her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't end up like that, because Jamie is sweet and doesn't derserve to be exactly like her sister.

    I hope she doesn't take after her!

    Now Britney is a drug addict, and kinda innaproppriate. :P
  • A little nice before, but she crashed her own life.

    She looks beautiful before, and really nice when it comes to dancing. But she sucks at singing. IMO she should have been a dancer or an actor. She has a good poise before. Right now, nothing was left. Everything sank down into the ashes. She sucks at dancing now, attitude, and life. She became a drug addict. She has a lot of potential, but she didn't used it properly. Why?
  • Britney may have lost it!

    At first, I though of Britney Spears as a cool girl. But then after her last record, she starting to fall apart. She cut her haIr, gets thrown in rehab and now she is on some stupid tour. she's doing it for the money It cost $125 just to watch her for about 20 minutes, then she off. I wouldn't see it for free, if offered. I heard that she left the plane after she didn't like the seats. Someone would probaby tell her to "Sit on it!" She's making news every night and I'm getting sick of it. Britney can't see the reality of her life.
  • Used to be teen sex icon. Now a phsyco icon.

    Britney used to be my favorite person in this world. I am so dissapointed to hear about her everywhere now. How she shaved her head and everything...uhh. I do pity her though. Her kids are going to have to go through so much with parents like her and Kevin. I feel bad saying this. Maybe there is still a chance in her to turn it around, get out of rehab and actually be there for her children. She has been from good to bad to good to bad again. She needs to start being a mommy for her two babies.
  • Who always claim that she is still virgin, but in truth her virginity is given to Justin Timberlake.

    This girl exaggerates herself too much, by emphasizing that she is still virgin, I hate this kind of open girls.

    Too cheap, too dirty, degrade herself by many many nudes. I hate watching nude girls, so u know why she only got 0.1. I actually only want to give her 0 marks.
  • Way overused. Give the spotlight to a better star than you.

    Britney Spears has got to be used so much, that she enjoys it because she's making money off of it. SAhe should give the spotlight to someone else before her fans start to hate her. She really needs to stop taking all of these money opportunites & leave the light to the better stars.
  • Why can’t we just ignore her?

    Spears is an individual of questionable ability who has been recording albums full of songs with electronically enhanced vocal tracks and then putting on elaborate tours where she lip syncs those recordings.

    Few celebrities in history have ever combined such poor behavior with lack of talent and still remain front page materiel. Other artists have been found to be faking performances and no one buys their records any more. Other “artists” act like trailer trash in public and are sent back to the trailer park they came from. Spears does these things and she gets booked into bigger venues.

    It’s time that the public admits that Spears is a disturbed person who should be in intensive therapy, not put on a pedestal and given an unlimited supply of money. If she doesn’t care for herself, why do people keep throwing money at her? Please, folks, quit giving her money. Let’s cut her off cold-turkey. Don’t buy any recordings, videos or anything else she is in, on or attached to.
  • GAKKK!!! Why is she such a celeb??

    Ever since i was young, brittany spears has driven me crazy! She obviously cannot sing, act or anything. She has terrible voice! And her sister was wrong to go into acting, they are both terrible in the media. She dresses like a slut, i saw a picture of her in a magazine once, and her outfit was just beads! There should be better role models out there, sadly, there is not many appropriate role models out there anymore. Now, even good celebraties seem to start becoming more and more slutty. Like Hilary Duff, she said she wants to be like britanny spears. I have no idea why, Brittany spears is a terrible-slutty-media imposing celeb.
  • Britney Blah who\'s dat again ooh yeah the one who ruined her life by marryin Kevin. Kevin is a Man Goldigga he had children by Shar Jackson from Moesha but now he\'s wit Britney Spears and got another baby. The baby to tell the truth aint eve

    WUT HAPPENED Britney you were doin so good the plop u fell on your butt which now is gettin huge. Britney ur gainin 2 much da pregnency is over and u gained 40 pounds u need 2 lose it if u want 2 be that sexy gurl again. Britney Kevin is playin u and u don\\\'t see u need to do these things-
    Dump Kevin
    Get it together
    Lose Dat Extra weight
    Get Back On Da Charts
  • I used to love I can't stand her.

    When britney first came out, I totally loved her. I thought she seemed really cute and sweet. I really think she's turned into complete trash though. It's really sad. She used to be really pretty and cool. And she used to actually sing. Now it's just a bunch of whiney noises. I can't stand what she's doing with her life. She's a worthless piece of crap now. I just can't stand her anymore. And I seriously don't understand how she can stay married to K-Fed. That guy is totally disgusting (but then again, she is too now.) I also don't think Britney should be allowed to have children. She does a terrible job taking care of them. Sean Preston is always burnt to a crisp and she's had so many problems with him. I'd hate to see the trouble she's going to have with the next one. Anyway...she's just completely lost it. I really can't stand her anymore.
  • Messed up

    I love when things go wrong with other people. And she is a classic example. Anyways.. she cant sing, she cant dance, she is quite very messed up, she was mad enough to get rid of all her hair, she lost her kiddies to her ex husband, she was married twice or something and I think she has a dog but that doesnt matter because thats one of the reasons to hate Paris Hilton
    And then she has an annoying little bratty sister who has her very own crappy childrens show. There is not 100 words to describe her.. just 90
  • She can't sing and is quite trashy!

    I never knew what all the hype was on Britney Spears anyway. She was nobody special to me, she was just another made up face who couldn\'t sing. Let\'s be real people the girl CAN NOT sing, she lip synched during all of her performances..even her slow songs. I feel sorry for her to be honest. She\'s going to be another washed up artist real soon. It\'s cool to be outspoken and real but didn\'t anyone tell her that bragging about your sex life on T.V is just tasteless,tactless,and disgusting. Too bad she can\'t see that she is about to be broke after dealing with Kevin.
  • Britney

    I'm an older person, so I am not so easily blown away by you any of your falls. Give up the judging are clearly not cut out for it. If you decide to stay on X Factor, then get in the game, act like you give a damn, and don't throw your person a curve ball at the end of the game when she is clearly not embracing it. You got your step it up, or step back............... example: wow hit or miss for Tate were you even listening or looking at the leader board?????
  • empty

    Britney Spears doesn't deserve a true review. This review is based solely on her acting. Here it goes--she is no good. Thanks.
  • Just go away.

    Truly one of the most overrated "stars" in the history of show business, Slutney Spears' only real talent seems to be for shaking her booty, making a damn fool of herself by staying drunk all the time, and marrying some loser who makes Jethro Bodine look like a genius. Madonna, Slutney's self-professed show biz idol, might have been a nasty skank but at least she never descended into the complete buffoonery which has marked Slutney's life for the past two years or so. My suggestion for Ms. Spears is as follows: you've got all the money you'll ever need now go buy yourself some island in the South Pacific and make yourself queen. Leave the rest of us alone and just go the hell away.
  • A little pretender who's a real brat.

    No words could truly describe who much I dislike Britney Spears. To each his own has always been my saying but for some reason or another I can not tolerate this brat. This little girl likes to act as if she is so innocent and sweet which she obviously is not. I also dislike her mannerisms and her total lack of respect for herself and especially for others. She is lacking in maturity and I just hope she shapes up by the time she has her baby. If not I feel sorry for that child. She needs a real wake up call on life because she disregards it and acts like it is all one big game. She needs to get a grip on reality before her life blows up in her face. Ms. Spears, GROW UP!!!
  • Who cares if she has looks and money? She's a brat!

    Oh come on, she's no good! I can't believe I used to like her music when I was younger. Now, it seems too immature and dumb (my opinion so don't whine to me about it). She used to be a half-way normal girl but now she has been overpowered by her wealth and greed and turned into, let's just say a bit of a w****. She cannot sing for a start. When she tries to sing, she usually screams her notes, and doesn't sing them well at all. She is just a spoilt brat who is not very bright at all. Oh, and to those who say she's hot. Looks are eye candy! Maybe good to look at for two seconds but then get very boring. I mean, who cares if she was sexy? To me she is just a superficial idiot with no life whatsoever. Britney? Do us a favour would you, and stick to your day job, coz then we'd have peace from your childish lyrics!
  • get some clothes on!

    I mean yeah she can sing but get some clothes on! I use to like her a long time ago. Like when she sang oops i did it again! And she is such a good role model...NOT! Oh yeah teach all of the fans to run off and get married! ...stupid
  • She is not that smart. Come on. She can\'t even put her baby into a car seat.

    Ya. she can't even put her baby into a car seat. I mean a monkey could do that. I guess a monkey is smarter then the so called "Pop Diva" and if she is a pop diva then why don't
    you go back to work. But why is she so rich when she can't even sing? She is a terrible singer. Come on Britney. Get out of the spot light and get people with "Talent" to come in. I guess the word "Talent" is a word that is not in Britney's vocabulary.

  • She's had a few good songs ...

    She's had a few good songs, but that's about it.

    She's overrated, not very talented, and has turned in to yet another trashy celeb that appears to be willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight.

    She's a poor role model for teenaged girls, and I hope that any parent with an ounce of common sense will keep their kids away from her.
  • Wow, what happened to Britney?

    When I was younger Britney was the "pop princess", now look what happened to her. I used to like Britney Spears. Now I just hear her on the news everywhere about her getting into rehab and what not. I also hear about Britney letting her boys sit on her lap... while she was driving a car. This is what Hollywood has done to Britney. So this is how it ends... Britney slowly fades as the pop princess and starts having stories on the news about going into rehab and letting her kids sit on her lap while drinving.

    Overall: The sad end of Britney Spears. I feel her popularity is going way down. Goodbye teen Britney, I'll miss you ;_;
  • Britney Spears what can I say, she is just to me over used.

    I don't think I have a hundred words to review Britney because I don't have much to say about her. I have never been a Britney fan and I have never brought a Britney CD but Britney has done alot in her time and she has sold alot of CDs so for that I think she is a good artist but I give her a 4 because it's close to five and I think she is halfway decent now as for trying to comeback I think she needs to hang up those ideas and just stay with her kids and I was really pulling for her to do this comeback but once I saw that VMA performance I think her career is done.
  • Britney used to be good.

    Britney Spears: Used to be an icon for millions. That was then. This is Britney Spears now: A girl who is on the brink of a mental breakdown... and who needs serious help! I have never really liked Britney's music; however I don't dislike her for that. I must say that her acting is simply horrid,(see the movie Crossroads for an example) but I don't hold that against her. What I do hold against her is the fact that she says she wants everyone to leave her alone; Well Britney dear, when you walk around New York City or wherever clubbing till the wee hours, sans underwear, you're bound to get noticed. I find it strange that Spears behaves like this when she has two young sons; She must have realized that her behavior was going to severly hurt her custody battle for her boys, a battle she ultimatly lost. Right now, I think Britney needs to get out the spotlight, and get some help. She doesn't deserve this.
  • Ummm...

    My second review on this female disaster. Let's see, I know it's not easy haivng the media chase you around and say bad things about you. Boo hoo, Britney, but you're not the only one to be degraded by the media. If she were really a strong person, she would deal with this more maturely, like going to rehab and doing good acts to cover her craziness. If people say otherwise, ignore it! Easier said than done, but if she had an ounce of intelligence, she would know that the more she continues to act crazy, the more people will trash her. Start doing something good with your life, Britney, and maybe the media will not try to get some crazy story out of you again.
  • What can you say about Britney that hasn't been said?

    Not much. I remember teen Britney; everyone does. Okay, so she could never sing, but in this world that's okay. If you're hot and willing to shake your butt at the camera, you can make a career in the music business. She was the dream of horny pre-teens and teenagers, she had money, anything she wanted, all the trappings of fame. Now look at here. It's harsh, but she's just one step above a whore right now. What that girl needs to do is get out of Hollywood, out of the public eye, and get her life sorted out. Because if she doesn't, she'll be dead before she hits thirty.
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