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  • Giving praise to Britney:

    I give praise to Britney, I mean she isnt the best role model in the world,and I honestly dont agree with everything she has done, but what we need to remember is that she grew up in the spotlight. So all her mistakes are caught on tape.

    And now with being pregnant and getting ready to become a mom, I think she is changing her childish immature ways. But I think to keep her going in the positive ways, we need to encourage her and support her, not talk trash about it. For instance, dont call her a slut...

    But besides all that, Britney is a very talented person, and knows how to market herself just right. Afterall, she has two books, a perfume line, and 5 hit cds. Shes just great in my opinion.

  • The Britney Spears Review

    Alot of people who call Britney Spears a whore and slut are not telling the truth. Britney Spears is an amazing singer and performer. If you have been watching her new tv show you really get a chance to see who Britney is. Britney is just like any other 24 year old she likes to have fun and she will make some stupid mistakes along the way. Now she is married and having her first child and she is married to some one who she loves and having a kid by some one she loves. You wont see the last of Britney Spears because she is a true pop princess!
  • get some clothes on!

    I mean yeah she can sing but get some clothes on! I use to like her a long time ago. Like when she sang oops i did it again! And she is such a good role model...NOT! Oh yeah teach all of the fans to run off and get married! ...stupid
  • She can't sing and is quite trashy!

    I never knew what all the hype was on Britney Spears anyway. She was nobody special to me, she was just another made up face who couldn\'t sing. Let\'s be real people the girl CAN NOT sing, she lip synched during all of her performances..even her slow songs. I feel sorry for her to be honest. She\'s going to be another washed up artist real soon. It\'s cool to be outspoken and real but didn\'t anyone tell her that bragging about your sex life on T.V is just tasteless,tactless,and disgusting. Too bad she can\'t see that she is about to be broke after dealing with Kevin.
  • Britney Spears is the best! She can sing, dance, act. Now she is becoming a mother. She is in a league of her own. She\'s a legend. She\'s been compared to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. Who wouldn\'t like a talented, beautiful, down to earth person

    She has sold over 100 million records. Including 40+ million singles. She is the best out of her genre, and she stays true to herself, and her art. She doesn\'t bash anyone for the sake of gaining press, and her heart is bigger than her body. She\'s truly the best superstar out now. She deserves all the success she recieves. She is the youngest to recieve a hollywood walk of fame star. She is the American Dream.
  • britney is one of the hottest female artists around.

    britney is often bashed on how much she sucks. well, she doesnt. though, i loved it more when she was all innocent lookin but she's still great. she's the ONLY female artist to have ever sold 4 #1 albums consecutively. and revolutionized the music industry becoming the greatest teen idol of all time. she can act, sing, and definitely dance. she is gorgeous not only on the outside but on the inside.
  • Britney Spears is a overrated, talentless brat. Just because she is a famous singer, it doesn\'t mean she can sing.

    Britney Spears is a worthless, talentless, spoiled brat. She\'s had an easy life and is a drain on society. She has never done anything of important signifigance in her entire life. She is a pathetic excuse for an entertainer, unless you find her stupidity amusing. She claims she is a devout Christian, yet she practices Kabbalah, a type of Judaism, and and lives an sinful life. She can\'t sing or dance (which is why she fell and broke her knee when she tried to) and is very plain without make up caked onto her face. She shouldn\'t be idolized, she should be pitied.
  • Just go away.

    Truly one of the most overrated "stars" in the history of show business, Slutney Spears' only real talent seems to be for shaking her booty, making a damn fool of herself by staying drunk all the time, and marrying some loser who makes Jethro Bodine look like a genius. Madonna, Slutney's self-professed show biz idol, might have been a nasty skank but at least she never descended into the complete buffoonery which has marked Slutney's life for the past two years or so. My suggestion for Ms. Spears is as follows: you've got all the money you'll ever need now go buy yourself some island in the South Pacific and make yourself queen. Leave the rest of us alone and just go the hell away.
  • Better at the begining.

    She is a has been now but back in the late 90's she was all that. Here career is dead know but she is still know for some of her songs like "hit me baby one more time" and others. She was truly a good pop artist in the past. Now that is all gone.
  • she shows to much

    britney spears..well.....i liked her song sometimes but after that ,i didnt like her other songs ...........she needs to put some clothes on.........shes getting ready to be a!!!...i hope shes a good one and starts wearing more clothes.........her music is okay...not that great.....shes okay .......people put to much into her and i dont see why .shes kinda trashy i think............shes trying to be a WHORE thats just the truth either that or she thinks shes to good for clothes..i dont know what her deal is but clothes are a wonderful thing ....what if the whole world stopped wearing clothes or just started wearing the amount she wore .... :( that would be really scary...........
  • Amazing, people need to give her more credit, shes the best.

    I think she is one of the best stars of this century. I love her and she needs to get more credit, shes a hardworking artist. People give her flack for the stupidist things. Shes normal, just like you and me. Her music is amazing, and im 110% sure she'll be around for along time. Britney rocks. End of story.
  • Have you listened to her music

    I like Britney Spears. No one can deny that when she first came out that she was very popular. Whats changed?. Well, it's her clothing. I must admit i don't like her dressing that way either. To me, it looks like thats the only thing people base it on. I mean what about her voice. Thats what caught our attention. It seems that people decided to move past all that. Well, i can tell you that she came here before Christina or Ashlee. I for one like her music.
  • If I could lip-sync this article I would

    Britney Spears, in my opinion, is an overrated lip-syncing fool. She's almost as bad as Ashley Simpson, but can actually sing a bit. Not much, but a bit.

    Her popularity is unquestionable though, and that's why she's churning out the same watered down garbage with a slightly different beat and changing the words.

    Highlights: Nice body and decent face.

    Lowlights: Married a loser. Sings worse than Christina Agilera, but gets more pub. Is white-trash in nature.
  • I love Britney!

    Britney spears is one of my all time favorite singers. I am a 40 year old mother and I love her. I love to hear her sing, I love to watch her dance, I love her clothes, and I thinks she will make a great mother. The only thing she shouldn't have done was marry Kevin. He is just using her. She deserves better!
  • why is she even a star!?

    I cannot believe she has fans!? that talentless slag somebody needs to shoot that manager who even though that she can sing she is a selfish bitch who spends her cash for her luxury and her high class sh*t that makes me sick she dresses like a middle aged prostitute no scratch that prostitutes wear better clothing than her she is useless and now i pity her baby who is gonna live with a dumb cracka** mother, her song are old she should have stick with her old songs when she was ok now i still don't know how much she pay her so called fans to even listen to her i hope she have a rotten life!
  • A little pretender who's a real brat.

    No words could truly describe who much I dislike Britney Spears. To each his own has always been my saying but for some reason or another I can not tolerate this brat. This little girl likes to act as if she is so innocent and sweet which she obviously is not. I also dislike her mannerisms and her total lack of respect for herself and especially for others. She is lacking in maturity and I just hope she shapes up by the time she has her baby. If not I feel sorry for that child. She needs a real wake up call on life because she disregards it and acts like it is all one big game. She needs to get a grip on reality before her life blows up in her face. Ms. Spears, GROW UP!!!
  • Britney is great!

    I used to be one of those people that hated Britney, but not anymore. Britney has grown up a lot since then, and has become a respectable woman.

    1. She is a talented singer and dancer, and always has been.

    2. She is a great big sister! She defended Jamie against the evil Alexa Nikolas, who plays Nicole on "Zoey 101". This girl keeps making up rumors about people on the show, and has been doing this for half a year now, so Britney gave her a good talking-to. Alexa looks up to Britney so hopefully she'll stop making up lies about people.

    3. She is a great wife and stepmother and I'm sure she'll make a great mom to her new baby!
  • Britney Rock And Linkin Park Not!!!!!!!!

    Britney Jean Spears is the best singer ever ! !
    her best song is "overprotected" and "toxic"!
    and her best album is "britney". she is beautiful
    and she sing awsome ! and shes a great actor (Crossroads 2002)and her songs are great, her video clips are great and she is great! Who's With me???
  • Britney Spears is one of my most favourite people. I listen to her songs EVERYDAY becasue her songs are good ok?! They got good beat and she writes ALOT of them. She dances amazingly and most importantly she is a good person, she's never said anthing mean

    Britney Spears is one of my most favourite people. I listen to her songs EVERYDAY becasue her songs are good ok?! They got good beat and she writes ALOT of them. She dances amazingly and most importantly she is a good person, she's never said anthing mean and she donates. So whats wrong with her? I mean if you have a problem wiht the clothes, please take a look at other hundreds of celebrities and then comment. People just have a problem with her because she moved away from her 17 year old image which is fine because she isn't 17 anymore! She honest and married for true love and not money and now has done a considerably daring thing for her career by becoming a mother at 24 with all the fame.
  • Damn, she and Kevin work fast.

    Terrible role model in all ways, and I can't believe she would actually kiss Madonna on the lips on live TV. She is kind of like Paris Hilton, only, not a slut. Now she has a baby boy, so Iguess her career is gone. Oh well, she wasn't that great anyway.
  • Why can’t we just ignore her?

    Spears is an individual of questionable ability who has been recording albums full of songs with electronically enhanced vocal tracks and then putting on elaborate tours where she lip syncs those recordings.

    Few celebrities in history have ever combined such poor behavior with lack of talent and still remain front page materiel. Other artists have been found to be faking performances and no one buys their records any more. Other “artists” act like trailer trash in public and are sent back to the trailer park they came from. Spears does these things and she gets booked into bigger venues.

    It’s time that the public admits that Spears is a disturbed person who should be in intensive therapy, not put on a pedestal and given an unlimited supply of money. If she doesn’t care for herself, why do people keep throwing money at her? Please, folks, quit giving her money. Let’s cut her off cold-turkey. Don’t buy any recordings, videos or anything else she is in, on or attached to.
  • Britney spears is a talented girl... she was so young when she begin singing!! she was so great and I loved her so much!!! She'a good in everything!!! She's really a popstar!!!I want her to be the girl she used to be!! I hope she'll change... God bless!!

    I like her so much... but i like Britney Spears when she was young coz she's so conservative back then but now... she's so liberated!!! I loved her songs... A great star... She was good in acting and I like the way she acts... She was so simple back then.. I love her... I love her when she don't have a make-up.. I hope she finds his love...
  • They don\'t call her the \"Princess of Pop\" for nothing.

    Britney Spears will go down in history as one of the greatest pop stars to ever walk the face of this earth. A blind person could see that she was born to do what she does, and to be so great at it, my hat goes off to her. Britney, I wish you much success in all that you do.
  • SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could anybody say anything about Britney Spears other than sexy?

    Britney Spears is so sexy. With the Baby One More Time video, you knew she was gonna be hot and big. Remember at the 00 Vma\'s when she was wearing that suit and all the guys were like \"&*#$ shes wearing a suit, I watched this to see Britney in a sexy short skirt and sexy tank top,\" but she did not disappoint when she stripped out of that suit to reveal that super super seXy see through bra and super super sexy see through pants then danced all over the floor like she was having sex... that was hot. Britney\'s hot and I love all of the pics with her in those short skirts and tight tank tops, she is super super sexy, shes got the sexiest legs in the world. Its always hot when she comes on stage wearing something then she strips out of it to reveal something super super sexy. Britney is seXy.
  • britney has no talent. she has an ego the size of the universe and no reason to have that ego. she has proven time and again that she is even more dumb than jessica simpson, she cant sing at all, and her dance moves are increibly easy to do...


    on top of all of that she dresses like she just walked out of the strip club. now come on! what kind of role model is that for little girls. see this is what i think happened. when britney first started out with "baby one more time" she had people tellin her how to sing, how to dance, how to dress, how to talk in interviews. their advice made her a celebrity. but then she got an ego and thought she can do it on her own. and now we see britney as she really is. white trash redneck!
  • Britney used to get me hot until I grew up.

    Britney used to be hot until I grew up. She can sing and dance (not very complicated stuff tho) and she's smart. I get the impression she's earnest also. But there is something so AVERAGE about her. You can shine it up and teach it tricks but it's not silk it's not sterling if it's just not. She is what she is. She has outgrown the charm and I wish her the best with the babies and the loser.
  • You know,this review should explain itself.

    Brat,wipe,b****,and an ******e.Those are what describe this @$$-kissing b****. I think she is bad enough,she already has a mini-me of herself (Jamie-Lynn) we must suffer a CHILD from this so*? I thnk we suffered enough. Sure,she was hit,and a great singer...BACK THEN! Wemust now face a whole 'nother GENERATION of her!
  • AN iDiOt!!!!!

    kissed madona on stage
    then got married
    had u know what
    had a baby
    smoked while she had a baby
    and always showed her boobs
    and she has that stupid actcent and so dose jamie lynn her sis
    still she messed up her life and she CANT fix it and thats her stupid fault i cant believe i liked her once and i hope i will never like her again in my ENTIRE life!!!!!
  • britneys a clasic

    britney has got me through my childhood all you people that say she has no talent are just jelous!

    i love her she can sing!!!

    her lyrics are insperational! she has pure talent which is something you dont get anymore.

    all those people that bitch about her stop!

    she\'s the best thing since slice bread

  • Way overused. Give the spotlight to a better star than you.

    Britney Spears has got to be used so much, that she enjoys it because she's making money off of it. SAhe should give the spotlight to someone else before her fans start to hate her. She really needs to stop taking all of these money opportunites & leave the light to the better stars.
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