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  • The Britney Spears Review

    Alot of people who call Britney Spears a whore and slut are not telling the truth. Britney Spears is an amazing singer and performer. If you have been watching her new tv show you really get a chance to see who Britney is. Britney is just like any other 24 year old she likes to have fun and she will make some stupid mistakes along the way. Now she is married and having her first child and she is married to some one who she loves and having a kid by some one she loves. You wont see the last of Britney Spears because she is a true pop princess!
  • All I have to say is that it is Britney Spears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Britney. Her music is great! She may be misunderstood a little bit. But her heart is in the right place. Her music is just awsome. i have loved her since the beginning. I can't wait for her new record! Which will be amazing as like all of her other ones.
  • Britney Spears is the best! She can sing, dance, act. Now she is becoming a mother. She is in a league of her own. She\'s a legend. She\'s been compared to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. Who wouldn\'t like a talented, beautiful, down to earth person

    She has sold over 100 million records. Including 40+ million singles. She is the best out of her genre, and she stays true to herself, and her art. She doesn\'t bash anyone for the sake of gaining press, and her heart is bigger than her body. She\'s truly the best superstar out now. She deserves all the success she recieves. She is the youngest to recieve a hollywood walk of fame star. She is the American Dream.
  • Have you listened to her music

    I like Britney Spears. No one can deny that when she first came out that she was very popular. Whats changed?. Well, it's her clothing. I must admit i don't like her dressing that way either. To me, it looks like thats the only thing people base it on. I mean what about her voice. Thats what caught our attention. It seems that people decided to move past all that. Well, i can tell you that she came here before Christina or Ashlee. I for one like her music.
  • Great!

    Well to start i think even though she's been famous from a very young age it's obvious it's been bad for her...from having a very pushy mam and a quite controlling dad she was singing at fairs at the age of 6 or something i think she would've been better if she waited because although her songs through the years are all great...if she'd waited she wouldn't have made all the comebacks and have all the problems...everything seems to have gone wrong for britney and yes i will say it "I Blame The Parents" lol I absolutly love britney and i dont think theres a song out there that shes sung that i dont like but i do feel sorry for her! Hopefully though this will be her last comeback and she'll stick with it this time and stay around instead of her last one where she brought out "Gimme more" and "Piece of me" and "Break the ice" off album "Blackout" and then disappear again....hopefully now she's brought out "Womanizer" it'll be all up hill from there for her!! I wish her all the luck and think Kevin Federline should get out her life just cos he's always brought her down he's just a scrounger a bit like Kerry Katona's Mark lol but thats a different review!! lol
    So Good Luck Brit....glad your back.xx
  • From Good to Bad

    I have no idea what happened, I guess she just changed a ton! I hope her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't end up like that, because Jamie is sweet and doesn't derserve to be exactly like her sister.

    I hope she doesn't take after her!

    Now Britney is a drug addict, and kinda innaproppriate. :P
  • A bad role model.

    When I was a young girl, Britney Spears was my idol. Now she disappoints me. She used to be my favorite singer and I saw her concert, too. When Britney started acting nuts and doing bad things, I just went into disappointment. The magazines even sat that there is a curse on Britney's family. I believe that because of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy scandal. The weirdest part is that Britney still does concerts. I can't believe her!! Their mom, Lynne, is trying to cope with Britney and Jamie and I don't blame her for that. I even feel bad for Lynne for having two daughters who are scandals.
  • Silly

    Britney I heard u were getting rid of kevin and thats great! He only wants u 4 ur money. If he left his ex for u wen she was pregnant wid his 2nd baby wat makes u fink dat he wont do da same 2 u wen he finds someone more richer!

    Hes no good!
    U should have been a much bigger star cuz u r a great singer!
    Hope u cum bak again wid a graet new song!
  • Britney used to get me hot until I grew up.

    Britney used to be hot until I grew up. She can sing and dance (not very complicated stuff tho) and she's smart. I get the impression she's earnest also. But there is something so AVERAGE about her. You can shine it up and teach it tricks but it's not silk it's not sterling if it's just not. She is what she is. She has outgrown the charm and I wish her the best with the babies and the loser.
  • Britney Spears has made a comeback.

    People thought Britney went crazy. Well i don't think that is fair because she went through a lot at that time. She got divorced with K-Fed while having two babies to take care of. She lost visitation rights but earned them back. She was accused of using illegal drugs, even though she wasn't. I think you should watch Britney: For the Record because it really tells you her story. She clears things up for you. Her new singles Womanizer and Circus are amazing. She has truly made a comeback. People don't understand Britney. I support Britney 110% on her comeback. GO BRITNEY!
  • britney is one of the hottest female artists around.

    britney is often bashed on how much she sucks. well, she doesnt. though, i loved it more when she was all innocent lookin but she's still great. she's the ONLY female artist to have ever sold 4 #1 albums consecutively. and revolutionized the music industry becoming the greatest teen idol of all time. she can act, sing, and definitely dance. she is gorgeous not only on the outside but on the inside.
  • The best

    What can I say about Britney Spears? I have almost every record she´ve released, I´ve sang and danced every hit... I just adore her. I´ve been up to every drama she´d been through. I am her truly fan. She is the most beautiful singer ever, charming. Although she is not the best singer I like her voice. Nobody can expect more to pop stars. When I was in Chicago I missed one of her shows, I wanna kill my Dad for that!!! Joking! So everyone who agrees with me can check my profile and track me, I´ll be very happy whit that.
  • I love Britney.

    Britney Spears is one of the most talented people out there. I'm not saying she's the best singer or the best anything but to me she is the best. I have listened to her music since I was a small kid. Every album and every song show a more mature side of Britney and as her music matured so did I. Everyone has their ups and downs. Britney is now going through her down but she's coming back and coming storng. I have followed Britney since Baby One More Time and I will follow her till death. I Love Britney.
  • Britney Rock And Linkin Park Not!!!!!!!!

    Britney Jean Spears is the best singer ever ! !
    her best song is "overprotected" and "toxic"!
    and her best album is "britney". she is beautiful
    and she sing awsome ! and shes a great actor (Crossroads 2002)and her songs are great, her video clips are great and she is great! Who's With me???
  • Britney is great!

    I used to be one of those people that hated Britney, but not anymore. Britney has grown up a lot since then, and has become a respectable woman.

    1. She is a talented singer and dancer, and always has been.

    2. She is a great big sister! She defended Jamie against the evil Alexa Nikolas, who plays Nicole on "Zoey 101". This girl keeps making up rumors about people on the show, and has been doing this for half a year now, so Britney gave her a good talking-to. Alexa looks up to Britney so hopefully she'll stop making up lies about people.

    3. She is a great wife and stepmother and I'm sure she'll make a great mom to her new baby!
  • A little nice before, but she crashed her own life.

    She looks beautiful before, and really nice when it comes to dancing. But she sucks at singing. IMO she should have been a dancer or an actor. She has a good poise before. Right now, nothing was left. Everything sank down into the ashes. She sucks at dancing now, attitude, and life. She became a drug addict. She has a lot of potential, but she didn't used it properly. Why?
  • Britney Spears is born on December 2nd 1981. She is well known as a Pop Singer since the time of Mickey Mouse Club in 1989.

    Britney Spears is born on December 2nd 1981. She is well known as a Pop Singer since the time of Mickey Mouse Club in 1989.

    Well, I think Britney Spears have now find herself back after all the times, she have went into a lost zone dealing with problems controling herself.

    So, i am giving Britney another choice on her rebirth back to us all. So, She needs fight her Evil Twin so hard not to return back into a hell zone were she was crap before.

    If Britney dies again from us all in a hell zone? That's it i will hang up not like her ever again now on.
  • I'm not a fan but I really feel sorry for her...

    Britney has had alot of trouble in her life. I feel sorry for her. She has been in the spotlight for too long and the publicity people have to stop bothering her. If she was left alone than she could start getting her act together. The gossip magazines always poke at her personal life. It's hard for every famous pperson to have a good love life. Privacy is a huge issue for her. She really needs it. I'd suggest going away for awhile secrestly for maybe even a few years so people will stop bothering her. I saw a YouTube video of her,I think it was her cuz that's what it was titled, and she had been talking about time travel. She asked her friend that if he could, would he go back in time and change things. She probably wants whether it was her or not. She has some talent but her style is not my thing.
  • One of Late 90's biggest disappointments. This girl had more “Adult Men” willing to break laws and go to jail for her then anybody I remember in history...

    ... Moreover, in little less then about a year’s time she went from America's Sweetheart to Trailer Park Trash and Late Night Punch line. If I were her, I would fire both her P.R Manager and her Agent... Divorce the Wannabe... Buy a Treadmill... In addition, find a really hot Producer and get back in the Studio.
    It was never about the music, Britney with you. The music was just an excuse for America to fall in love with you. You might not be young any more... Nevertheless, underneath the White Trash Facade is a Beautiful Sexy Women with a Decent Voice. However, you need to get rid of the Walking Herpes you call a Husband… Because just like Herpes, he just makes you look Skanky.
  • needs to dump k-fed.

    she needs to get back to singing and get a makeover she is ugly now.go back blonde with long hair.she needs get back with justin timberlake. i used to like her when i was young and she started out.she was a good singer and pretty too but now she is ugly as hell.christina aguilera is prettier than her.chistina is still doing her stuff even when she is married and she is keeping herself clean.spears needs to dump k-fed right now and get back into the game right now.she was never that popular i guess.she needs to be careful with her kids.
  • She was my fav singer, when I was younger! I can't say that I don't love her now, I do, but, she is not one of my favourites anymore....

    Britney Spears is ok to me, I mean, I don't hate her and I am not crazy about her! She was one of my favourite singers when I was younger! I love her music, and her songs are great! I am sooo glad that she is getting a divorce of her stupid husband Kevin!!! One of my fav songs of her are 'Baby one more time', 'Stronger', 'Overprotected', 'Lonley', 'My prerogative', 'Everytime',.... I really miss her! Now, when she doesn't sing anymore....
  • Pop princess

    Britney is a famous pop princess who made a lot of albums (actually, five of them 'Baby One More Time', 'Ooops! I did it again' 'Britney','In The Zone' and 'My Prerogative: Greatest Hits'. She was in love with Justin, but they broke up. She has two sons with Kevin Federline, but there're rumours that she will have a divorce! Yaay! I didn't like him in th efirst place. She is currently making an album which will probably be her BIG COMEBACK!!!
  • People should just get out of her Business!!

    Britney Spears used to be idlized when all of us girls were teenager, she was beautiful which she still is after having 2 beautiful boys, talented, and just a well rounded girl. I know she has not made some of the best decisions, but she is just trying to get the hang of things, and plus now she is a single mom and she is doing a great job. Outside of being a mom she is meeting new people and making a new album, which I am looking forward to. I stand behind Britney completely and hope she does well and makes smart decisions about her future.
  • Better at the begining.

    She is a has been now but back in the late 90's she was all that. Here career is dead know but she is still know for some of her songs like "hit me baby one more time" and others. She was truly a good pop artist in the past. Now that is all gone.
  • Britney spears is a talented girl... she was so young when she begin singing!! she was so great and I loved her so much!!! She'a good in everything!!! She's really a popstar!!!I want her to be the girl she used to be!! I hope she'll change... God bless!!

    I like her so much... but i like Britney Spears when she was young coz she's so conservative back then but now... she's so liberated!!! I loved her songs... A great star... She was good in acting and I like the way she acts... She was so simple back then.. I love her... I love her when she don't have a make-up.. I hope she finds his love...
  • All I can say is, K-Fed ruined her...

    Britney use to be a very talented, beautiful singer. Then it all came crashing down as soon as she met Kevin Federline. Then came the proposal and then the horrific show "Chaotic" and then marriage. She definitely looks horrible now and she needs to get back into her career before there is nothing left for her to come back to. She could have done so much better with her life if only she had stayed away from K-Fed. He's so gross.
  • Hilary Duff is Born on September 28 1987. She now in her start 20's years.

    Hilary Duff is born on September 28 1987. She is now in her last teens years at 19 years old of age.

    I like or love Hilary Duff in the whole world. She is my best fav. Young Actress/Singer ever.

    Before Hilary Duff ever become popular she was very young yet in 1997/2001. And also Before i ever knew she was a very good actress & a singer. I liked The Olsen Twins alot before Hilary Duff come along. But Hilary Duff come along
    in 2001 with Lizzie McGuire Tv Series she was a little bit better then The Olsen Twins. Hilary Duff evern beated my old likes The Olsen Twins out of my number 1 spot. She is
    now my Number 1 Young Actess ever. I still like The Olsens alot but Hilary Duff Levels over them little bit better Actress then Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are. And Hilary Did Level over My another old likeing Britney Spears alot. She beat Britney Spears alot a better singer then her. But again I still like Britney Spears alot anyways as a Singer.

    I like all of Hilary Duff's Popular Movies & Evern her Start Career Movies as well. She is a very good Actress.

    L like every bit of Hilary Duff's Songs as a Singer. She a very good Singer.

    My Best/Fav. Young Actress are:
    -Hilary Duff-(My Main/Number 1 Actress)
    -The Olsen Twins-(My Co-Main/Number 1 Actress)
  • Britney is the best, She is beautiful and talented

    Britney is an amazing singer and performer she is the best she sold 76 millions since 1999 to 2005, she us the Queen of Pop, no one else will be like her, she is beautiful in 2004 she was consider by FHM as the hottest woman, she is so famous, the Britney's haters says that she is crap or things like that, but she is not, she is a great woman everybody loves her, the people says -I hate Britney she sings horrible- but those people is watching her music videos, listening her music, so why the haters doesn't admitt the fact that they love BRITNEY?.
  • Britney is so pretty, but she is a spoiled brat. She has a really good voise to her music. She is one of my favorites. Her sister Lynn Spears is alot prettier than Britney when Britney was little. Britney is very talented and she is good at it.

    Britney Spears Has gotten prettier as she grew up. Now she is so hot! I really like most of her songs. She is so talented. I love her body and I've always wanted that my body to look like that. Except now that she has gained some weight. I have always wanted to dance like her.
  • britneys a clasic

    britney has got me through my childhood all you people that say she has no talent are just jelous!

    i love her she can sing!!!

    her lyrics are insperational! she has pure talent which is something you dont get anymore.

    all those people that bitch about her stop!

    she\'s the best thing since slice bread

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