Britt Irvin





11/10/1984 , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Brittney Elizabeth Irvin




Brittney Irvin is a Canadian actress, voice actor and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She began serious ballet training when she was in first grade; she also began to sing publicly around the same time. When she was in fourth grade, Irvin appeared in professional productions of "A Christmas Carol" and "Show Boat"; she also filmed several television commercials that year and made her first foray into voice acting on a television program called "Nilus the Sandman." Brittney Irvin's first films were "Panic in the Skies!" and "Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue;" she filmed them in 1996, when she was twelve years old. Two years later, the budding actress was cast in "Little Men," a televised drama series; appearances on "The Outer Limits" and "Sleepwalkers" soon followed, and she has worked steadily in film and television since that time. Her most notable credits as a voice actor include "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", "Bratz" and "X-Men: Evolution."