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  • I love Britt as Cassie on the The Secret Circle its not over

    For all the folks who love Britt as Cassie on the Secret Circle you will enjoy my fanfic 11113758/1/Jake-and-Cassie-make-love-The-Secret-Circle-after-Season-1
  • strong charter/love

    Cassie was an amazing character and you were amazing actor I just hope that there is a season 2 because when I watched episode 1 on the season wine I fell in love with it I just really like that and would love to watch on TV I've watched it on Netflix the first season and I will be fighting for a second one but you and Adam should be together or find your love back for each other because you guys were the main characters like you guys made this season so strong and you guys fighting for everything and still keeping your love together I hope that you guys will end up back together I hope that you find him back and you guys just end up back together and everything since the curse was ally and you were amazing character I really do hope the best for the best for season 2