Brittany Curran

Brittany Curran


6/2/1990, Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Brittany Elizabeth Curran



Also Known As

Brittany Elizabeth Curran, Britt
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Brittany was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts. While she was still very young she began studying ballet, jazz, and tap at the Sandwich Community School and in addition to summer theater she was a mouse and reindeer for several seasons in the Nutcracker Suite. Before 3rd grade she moved…more


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    • Brittany: (on why she's never gotten rid of the acting bug) Can't don't ever want to.

    • Brittany: My other "best moments"- a kissing scene with Evan Ellingson in Complete Savages, a kissing scene with Drake Bell in Drake and Josh, and a kissing scene with Lucas Grabeel in my new feature film The Adventures of Food Boy. You know what the interesting thing is? I'm 17 and my only kisses in life have been on screen, never kissed a boy in real life. So, if you're "Mister Right", write to my agent! One of my funniest moments?! On the website it was calculated that I would be Tom Cruise's next potential wife. Hilarious.

    • Brittany: (when asked about seeing all the young stars going out and becoming party girls) It's really sad to see the condition of some of my childhood role models. Too much, too soon obviously isn't good. Especially for kids who start too young. The work load and expectations puts too much pressure on little kids. Another problem is when parents don't hold their children accountable for bad behavior.

    • Brittany: (when asked if her parents were supportive of her career) Incredibly! My parents are supportive of everything my brother and I do!

  • I love brittany curran!


    she is so awesome! the first time i saw her was in the movie diamond dog caper :D she made me idolize her :P

    I've never seen such good acting in a little children's movie! omg omg omg omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomogogo im so excited about this movie! i saw it at the newport beach film festival and i fell in love with that doggy! it was so heart-warming :D i would like to star in a movie just like that!

    it gets me sooooo inspired! im only 10 but diamond dog caper was something i will never forget :) luke benward and brittany curran had the greatest brother-sister acting in this movie

    diamond dog caper is the besstttt :Dmoreless