Brittany Hatch

Brittany Hatch


Savannah, Georgia, USA

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Brittany Hatch


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Brittany Hatch was working as a bartender in Savannah, Georgia ,when she decided to try out for the eighth season of America\'s Next Top Model. When she was 14 years old, her mother brought her to New York City and had her meet with several modeling agencies, but…more


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    • Brittany: (when eliminated) There's a lot of girls out there that wish they could have this experience and it's a great opportunity and it's been a lot of fun.

    • Brittany Hatch (On the ANTM judges): And they basically make you feel like when you screw up, it is the end of the world. Like, there's nothing beyond America's Next Top Model, and when you leave, you're like, "Oh wait a minute! There's a real world outside of here!" And at the time it doesn't seem that way and it makes everything a lot harder than it would be in reality.

    • Brittany Hatch (On what she would do differently on ANTM): I would definitely be more of myself than a little less cordial and a little more fun. But overall, I don't know how I would do in an Australian market. I don't have an Australian look, I don't have an LA look. I've been told numerous times that I have a New York/European look, and it's an entirely different market. So that also probably played into it to an extent.

    • Brittany: I shoot deers.

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  • Brittany is going all the way...

    I love her! I think she is going to be the winner of this whole season 8! She takes amazing photos, has a cute and likable personality and seems to handle herself in the house. I hope she continues to climb and that she does win! The other girls seem caddy and unprofessional and even though most are starting out I believe that you need at least a basic knowledge of modeling and fashion and Brit has it! Sara is a close runner up but Brit takes the cake, and with her last photo (smokin hot) she takes the candy store too!moreless