Brittany Keiffer

Brittany Keiffer


5/23/1987, St. Petersburg, Florida

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Brittany is from Jacksonville, Florida. She was nominated for Queen Bees by her childhood friend.


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  • We've watched Queen Bees. Brittany is the type of person whose friends don't like her.Her castmates did the same. They pretended to enjoy her company to her face, but were against her completely. There is no doubt that some personal friends feel the same.moreless

    I'd just like to say that since the world has seen you on Queen Bees, no one really likes you. Everyone is sort of glad that you are gone because you just pulled all of the other girls' progress down. Some words that America, and your formeer castmates described you as were fake, spoiled, conceited, judgemental, materialistic, and obsessed with your appearence. Not only do people of America think so, but Kiana thought you brought everyone else down, including Michelle. She says that in an episode a Queen Bees. Gisbelle called you fake. On the first episode, Stassi saw you as someone who believes she is better than everyone else in the world. Newsflash, you're not. You are not what makes the world go round. We all really hope you change, since in the beginning you were a favorite of everyone. the more we watched you act like a brat, the less we liked you. Change for the sake of the world!!!moreless