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  • Enjoyed her movies

    I loved her in Girl Interupted. I thought she did a wonderful job with that charactor. And thought she was funny in Up Town Girls. I forgot she was in Clueless but back when I use to love watching it (yes i liked clueless when i was younger) I loved her charactor in it also. I hated when I read online that she had died. She was far to young to go. I hope her family has all that they need to get thru this time. And that they can hold in their hearts the knowledge that she did leave her mark on this earth and will not be forgotten.
  • Wonderful actress!

    It is a shame that she didnt garner the fame of those she co-stared with so many times. She was a wonderful actress with a very broad range from romantic comedy (Just Married) to the very spooky "I'll never tell" (Don't Say a Word, with Michael Douglas) and the voice of a not so smart blonde on "King Of The Hill".

    She is another in an unfortunate growing list of talent lost too early. My thoughts and prayers go out to her mother and her husband at what can only be described as the most awful time of their lives.
  • A misguided talent with a gift for comedy.

    Brittany seems to have lost some of her charm and genius over the years. In the early days she was awlays a bit kooky and very cute and had a rare talent for physical comedy (she can do an excelent prat-fall). Lately she has dyed her hair blond, become very skinny and gone for the more glamourous roles. There are too many women in Hollywood trying to play the love interest for someone like Brittany who can produce a depth of caracter from a simple cameo to stoop to thier level. She should also know that she looks so much better with dark hair and normal (and much more sexy) body shape. I believe she has an extraodrinary talent that is currently going untapped and as long as she stays in Hollywood she will be struggling to keep her head above that sad mire of mediocraty.
  • Wonderful actress!

    Brittany Murphy is a great actress! She got her big break as Tai Fraiser in Clueless, as a geeky girl. Brittany was in 8 Mile as Alex, Molly Gun in Uptown Girls, Lisa Swenson in Drop Dead Gorgeous, and many more. She makes her movies interesting, by working hard, and staying in character too. Brittany also lens her voice in King of the Hill, as Louanne. I'm just surprised that Brittney isn't in more movies.
  • empty

    Brittany Murphy is overrated. She is not hot. In fact, she needs to eat some food. As for her acting skills, she seems to play the same role in every movie.
  • empty

    Not such a bad actress, but she is certainly lacking of... like kind of doing a good movie. I just think that she could be in a great movie if she'll like too, but still I think that she is really cool, and I think that it is something different from what more teenage actress..
  • Brittany Murphy is great!

    I Love Brittany Murphy! She is my all time favorite female actress at the moment! I love every movie she is in and I especially love her on King Of the Hill. She has an amazing voice. She is young, beautiful, talented, amazing, and fantastic! She deserves to have 10/10.
  • Brittany Murphy IS FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittany Murphy IS FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittany Murphy is a one of a kind actress. Her specialty roles include playing a disturbed teen, which she portrays incredibily. Brittany showed everyone her skills when she amazed audiences with her portrayel of Elizabeth Burrows in "Don't Say A Word."
    In my opinion of Brittany is that she is the greatest actress of all time. She can portray any role, perfectly. She seems like a very down to earth and fun loving person. I would love the chance to meet her someday.

    Fun Facts:

    Nick name: Brit

    Height: 5'1 (and growing)

    Home: Brittany lives in Edison, New Jersey with her family including her beloved mother.

    Brittany recomends "David and Lisa," then "Girl, Interrupted," and then "Don't Say A Word" as the top 3 movies of hers that you should see.

    During the filming of "Girl, Interrupted", the filmakers had to reshoot
    the scene in which Winona Ryder finds her after she commits suicide, because Winona was too good that Brittany couldn't help but cry.

    One of her favorite movies that she didn't appear in is "Superstar" starring Molly Shannon.

    During Winona Ryder's trial, involving theft from sac's fith avenue, (in my opinion, Winona rocks!) Brittany would call her and leave funny meassages on her answering machine. She would even share her wonderful singing voice with her great friend.

    During the filming of "Don't Say A Word," Brittany would sing before takes in order to prepare herself for the role. Many little tunes were added in the movie because of that. The most famous line from that movie, "I'll never te-ee-ll," was not suppose to be a sing-song type of line. Brittany tried it out and it came out GREAT! Way to go!!

    Since "8 Mile," hit theaters by storm, Brittany has been "an actress to get." Her popularity and star status has grown greatly since then. Even though "Clueless" was her big break, her largest role will be in "Uptown Girl's" in which she plays "Molly Gunn." This is her first movie where she will be first billed. This is also her highest paying job to date (somewhere in the low 7 figures!!!)

    ***If you read this Brittany, or anyone who has any corrections or comments, send me an email at If you are Brittany Murphy or just want to talk about how great she is then, send me an e-mail at the same adress. You can also im me on my s/n's, EMandBRIT8Mile, Kayfresh or BMurphyAJolieROK. Thankx!!!***
  • Sooo, HOT!!!

    I have been a fan of hers since clueless, she is awwwsome, she can do no wrong, (exept be engaged to an old dude). She is so beautiful and so funny, perky, just a great actress. Just thank god she broke up with that old dude, Jeff something, what was she thinking, having an Ana Nicolle Smith complex, what she needs is a real man, like me, good luck to me though.
  • shes wicked!

    brittany murphy is the bomb. she is one of the most talented actresses in hollywood, and i have loved everything she has starred in... i've mostly seen her in movies, my fave have been clueless, 8 mile, girl interrupted and that freakyish one where she plays that crazy nutter.... anyway i love her style, she always looks great, and her hair is wild, watever colour it is, it suits her completely. i've never seen her on tv, but i bet she rocks on it like she does in the movies. she totally needs to start seeing eminem again, they look cool together ;)
  • She's SOOOOOOO cute!

    Everytime I see her I just think she's so cute. In fact, I think she's underrated. She should star in more movies. I absolutely loved her in Just Married. She was so natural. I would love if she had more movies, which I'm sure she will soon. Nobody can pass up her talent. OMG SO CUTE!!!