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  • Brittany Murphy IS FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittany Murphy IS FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittany Murphy is a one of a kind actress. Her specialty roles include playing a disturbed teen, which she portrays incredibily. Brittany showed everyone her skills when she amazed audiences with her portrayel of Elizabeth Burrows in "Don't Say A Word."
    In my opinion of Brittany is that she is the greatest actress of all time. She can portray any role, perfectly. She seems like a very down to earth and fun loving person. I would love the chance to meet her someday.

    Fun Facts:

    Nick name: Brit

    Height: 5'1 (and growing)

    Home: Brittany lives in Edison, New Jersey with her family including her beloved mother.

    Brittany recomends "David and Lisa," then "Girl, Interrupted," and then "Don't Say A Word" as the top 3 movies of hers that you should see.

    During the filming of "Girl, Interrupted", the filmakers had to reshoot
    the scene in which Winona Ryder finds her after she commits suicide, because Winona was too good that Brittany couldn't help but cry.

    One of her favorite movies that she didn't appear in is "Superstar" starring Molly Shannon.

    During Winona Ryder's trial, involving theft from sac's fith avenue, (in my opinion, Winona rocks!) Brittany would call her and leave funny meassages on her answering machine. She would even share her wonderful singing voice with her great friend.

    During the filming of "Don't Say A Word," Brittany would sing before takes in order to prepare herself for the role. Many little tunes were added in the movie because of that. The most famous line from that movie, "I'll never te-ee-ll," was not suppose to be a sing-song type of line. Brittany tried it out and it came out GREAT! Way to go!!

    Since "8 Mile," hit theaters by storm, Brittany has been "an actress to get." Her popularity and star status has grown greatly since then. Even though "Clueless" was her big break, her largest role will be in "Uptown Girl's" in which she plays "Molly Gunn." This is her first movie where she will be first billed. This is also her highest paying job to date (somewhere in the low 7 figures!!!)

    ***If you read this Brittany, or anyone who has any corrections or comments, send me an email at If you are Brittany Murphy or just want to talk about how great she is then, send me an e-mail at the same adress. You can also im me on my s/n's, EMandBRIT8Mile, Kayfresh or BMurphyAJolieROK. Thankx!!!***