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  • A misguided talent with a gift for comedy.

    Brittany seems to have lost some of her charm and genius over the years. In the early days she was awlays a bit kooky and very cute and had a rare talent for physical comedy (she can do an excelent prat-fall). Lately she has dyed her hair blond, become very skinny and gone for the more glamourous roles. There are too many women in Hollywood trying to play the love interest for someone like Brittany who can produce a depth of caracter from a simple cameo to stoop to thier level. She should also know that she looks so much better with dark hair and normal (and much more sexy) body shape. I believe she has an extraodrinary talent that is currently going untapped and as long as she stays in Hollywood she will be struggling to keep her head above that sad mire of mediocraty.