Brittany Petros

Brittany Petros


9/9/1974, Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Brittany Petros



Also Known As

Britt Petros
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Trivia and Quotes

  • I know Brittany Petros for over 10 years

    I have know Brittany Petros for over 10 years, she is one of most nicest persons i know she is single is not maried and does not have any children.
  • I really like Brittany. She made Big Brother interesting and seems real. Not like a lot of other reality people.

    I'm not so much a reality fan as of late but when they first came out I was totally into them. So, I must admit I watched the entire first season of Big Brother. I connected with Brittany for some reason. She was definitely the most interesting and I wasn\'t as into watching the show once she was off. One of my friends sent a fan letter to CBS after she got booted and actually got a letter back from Brittany. She responded to things that my friend actually wrote so we know she read it. You have to be a nice person to take the time to respond to fans. Plus, I know some of the people that made websites for her she called ... ok I was a really big Big Brother junkie. Ha ha ha Anyway, anyone that I\'ve e-mailed with that actually had contact with her said she is really sweet.moreless