Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow


3/9/1986, Tampa, Florida

Birth Name

Brittany Anne Snow


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Brittany Snow was born on March 3, 1986, in Tampa, Florida. Brittany began modeling at the age of three and a half. When she was a teenager she was on CBS's Guiding Light. She also played on American Dreams in from 2002-2005. She was in her first film,…more


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    • Brittany Snow: (On her future) I want to go to college and study but I know acting is what I want to do, I also want to someday direct, produce and be a fashion designer.

    • Brittany Snow: I have to believe that if I keep doing things that I'm passionate about and do the best I can, people will know me for who I am and not just another Brittany

    • Brittany Snow: For me, I do like going out to the clubs every once in a while. I like to dance, I like to have a good time, and I'm 21, so I'm allowed to drink, but I also don't go out when I have to show up for work the next day, you know?

    • Brittany Snow: (Her advice to young girls) It's very important to talk to anybody. Maybe the first step is just to talk to a friend about it, they'll probably they'll relate in some way.

    • Brittany Snow: (On weighing 85 pounds)I knew that was a really low number and I knew that my hair was falling out and I had really weird skin. My face looked really weird and I was getting this fuzz on my face and I was always cold – always to the point of uncontrollably shaking. But I was more scared that eighty-five pounds wasn't good enough. I wanted to be lower.

    • Brittany Snow: I was filming American Dreams, so I couldn't even go to my own prom. And the girls were really mean to me. My middle school and high school life was just one big continuous thing of trying to figure out where I was and who I was. I came to the realization that I wasn't a popular girl, and I wasn't a geek--I was this girl who wasn't really there. It's sad, because I look back on that time, and all I wanted was for people to like me and be my friend. I think everyone wants to be popular, especially out here in Hollywood. Thank God I went through all that so early, in middle and high school, to realize it's not about being popular or cool--it's about being who you are.

    • Brittany Snow: I want people to look back at my career and know that I did it myself. I got it based on talent and hard work. I don't want any shortcuts.

    • Brittany Snow: I went to the store with my mom, and there was a wall of Hairspray DVD's. For some reason, the price sticker was covering my face on all of them. My mom spent an hour picking off the stickers on each DVD, showing them to people, and saying, "That's my daughter!"

    • Brittany Snow: (about starring in "Hairspray") It's really funny, because when I told all my friends I was doing this project with John Travolta and Queen Latifah, they were like, "Oh, that's awesome," but when I said I was going to be working with Zac Efron, they all went crazy and were like, "NO WAY!"

    • Brittany Snow: When the Jed Foundation asked me to make an educational video, I thought that talking about my experience was a way I could help. After the video aired, it made me sad that people thought I did it for publicity. I did it because people are misinformed. I hope this is something that someone will carry in her pocket, maybe a girl who doesn't understand what's going on as she looks at pictures of celebrities getting skinnier and skinnier.

    • Brittany Snow: I always had it in my mind that being skinny was better, even as a little girl. But I was never chubby or overweight. At age 12, I was on The Guiding Light, and that forced me to grow up fast. I wanted to be accepted by all these adults I was working with. I started with the Eat Right for Your Type diet. A friend of mine was doing it. I have a perfectionist personality, so I wanted to do the best job that I could. It was almost fun for me, like a little experiment. Then I started with other diets. Once I started losing weight, I got compliments from people I looked up to on the show. Suddenly, I was addicted to getting results. That's how it started, but it progressed rather quickly.

    • Brittany Snow: I'm an actress, and because of the way Hollywood is, I do have to watch what I eat. But nobody has told me I need to look a certain way, and that's great. The eating disorder will always be a part of my life. Some days, I think I'd like to be a size 0, but realistically, I think, "Come on, Brit. You're great."

    • Brittany Snow: A misconception about anorexia is that you don't eat. Not true. Maybe you eat just 500 calories a day or something. It would be easy for me to say, "Why didn't my parents notice?" But I didn't want them to. I made sure to eat half a sandwich around my parents. But then came the sadness and thinking I was a terrible person for eating that sandwich. My fear of french fries made me realize that I was different from my peers.

    • Brittany Snow: (about filming "John Tucker Must Die" as she was going through an anorexia problem) Thank goodness for my co-stars, Sophia Bush and Arielle Kebbel. I told them, "You have to look out for me, because this is so hard." We would work out together, and then they would pull me off the treadmill, and Sophia would be like, "Maybe you should eat this." We had slumber parties. I started having fun, which was unheard of. Before, I was like, "I can't have fun. I can't go out and have a burger with my friends. How many calories are in that burger?"

    • Brittany Snow I don't weigh myself now. It's not worth it-my clothes fit.

    • Brittany Snow: As much as I didn't want to gain weight, I knew I needed help

    • Brittany Snow: By age 13, I really got addicted to the high of losing weight.

    • Brittany Snow: I always had in my mind that being skinny was better, even as a little girl.

    • Brittany Snow (on anorexia): What makes me sad is people don't understand. An Eating disorder is thought of as something you do for vanity. But it's a mental illness,

    • Brittany Snow: I grew up doing all that stuff because I was obsessed with the '50s. I had sock hops for birthday parties. So I've always done The Twist and stuff. It was pretty natural and, with my parents doing it all the time, I'd just copy them. Not very pretty.

    • Brittany Snow: (about Vin Diesel) He was so good with the kids on the set. He just knew exactly how to handle them. The baby would cry and Vin would hold him and do all these weird sounds and the baby would stop crying. It was really cute.

    • Brittany: I've looked at a lot of what Susan does to be really stupid. In real life, I wouldn't do those things because I've already played the consequences. Actually, I'm pretty dull when I get home

    • Brittany: My dad had a heart attack last December, so when I was reading the script I started crying because there were so many things that were exactly like what happened (to me)

    • Brittany: A lot of people ask me if I feel like I'm missing out on my childhood. I really don't think I can miss out on anything, because I'm doing everything!

    • Brittany: After this part year on GL, I know that I want to be an actress. The people [on the show] have made me feel like I'm part of this great family, and I couldn't see myself leaving

    • Brittany: I work really hard. There are so many things I need to stay focused on. It's difficult, because there are a lot of placement tests for high school, and I'm not there all the time. But the school's been really cooperative

    • Brittany: It's going to be really weird not acting. It's my favorite thing in the world. Hopefully, I can get involved with the drama club. But I'm always going to know that I'll be back, so I can work it all up and save it, and be really, really good during the summer

    • Brittany: I never got to do anything really big, because I had to come right home and do homework, study my scripts for the next day, and go to bed. My mom and I are big shoppers, so we hit Macy's and Bloomie's many times. I'm going to miss New York. My mom and I were talking about that today. I love it up here, but there's no place like home

    • Brittany: My friends, my real friends, they didn't care. They missed that I [wasn't there]. But I think the others had some idea that it was tough for me. I tried not to talk about [work] too much, so they don't know exactly how tough it was

    • Brittany: I wasn't struggling, but it was very stressful. My teachers were kind of getting annoyed with my never being there. Even though they worked with me, I could tell it was hard on them, and it was hard on me. I need some time to be there and focus on one thing. I miss my home. I miss going to parties. I miss talking about gossip and going to school dances – little things like that

    • Brittany: I want to go to college and study but I know that acting is what I want to do. I also want to someday direct, produce and be a fashion designer.

    • Brittany: (about her scar) I fell on a brick when I was 2 and got 14 stitches . An agent said I'd never work with that scar, but I decided against plastic surgery, and I've grown to love it.

    • Brittany: (about her crush) Ryan Phillippe (ex-Billy, OLTL). I love him so much, it's unbearable!

    • Brittany: (about her favorite site) I like, of course. I've got all of my favorite music news and previews and stuff. [And] there is this one - or something. When you have a crush on somebody you put their name and their AOL address into the computer and they send out a letter to them saying, "You have a crush, but you don't know who it is, now list all your crushes." So that person lists all their crushes and if they put your name on their list, you get a big heart and [it says], "Your crush likes you and you like him." And then they set you up like that. Of course, I did it and I put this one guy. I asked him about it inconspicuously, but I never got a heart back! He doesn't like me I guess. It's just really fun. I do it with all my friends.

    • Brittany: I go back to Florida as much as I can, which isn't very much. I went back for the summer and maybe 3 times last year. I went home for Homecoming, Christmas, and another long weekend

    • Brittany: I love hanging out with my friends and seeing movies. I'm a huge movie buff. I love to run and I try to run everyday. I also do Tae Bo. I also like to shop and write. I like to design clothes as well

    • Brittany: My hair is naturally very curly and they use a curling iron on the show to keep the curls in. I prefer my hair straight though. I don't have a perm, but I do have a layered haircut

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefers Math or English) English. I hate math... hate it. We're getting ready for algebra. It's not hard, but writing and reading is just a whole lot more fun to me.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefers dogs or cats) Dogs. I've been nagging my mother forever for a tiny, whit dog with little nose that goes, "yip, yip."

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefers McDonald's or Burger King) I don't exactly know why, but I like Burger King's chicken nuggets better.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefers I Know What You Did Last Summer or Psycho) I Know What You Did Last Summer; it's a little more hip.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefer comedy, drama, or horror) I like comedies; they always put me in a good mood. I like horror, too. Sometimes I go out with my friends, we get popcorn, rent a horror movie, and just get scared to death!

    • Brittany: (when asked which punishment was worse: no phone or no TV) No phone. [I talk on the telephone] all the time, especially when I come home. I catch up on who's going out with who. I'm the gossip queen!

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefer Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears) Backstreet Boys. I'm not totally in love with them. I don't have posters [of them] hanging all over my walls! I don't want to say anything against Britney Spears, but... I guess I will. I just don't like her voice.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefer beach or pool) The pool. I don't like all those creatures beneath my feet. I'm really a scaredy cat when it comes to stingrays and sharks and jelly fish. I love to lay on the beach and get a suntan, but I'd rather swim in the pool.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefer candy or flowers) Flowers. But I like chocolates, too. It's the thought that counts.

    • Brittany:(when asked if she prefer Dawson or Pacey) Definitely Pacey. He's funnier. Everybody likes James Van Der Beek [Dawson], but I don't see it. I think his eyebrows are way too dark for his hair.

    • Brittany: (when asked if she prefers country or city) City. I grew up in Tampa [FL] and I like the liveliness of [the city]. I love New York!

    • Brittany: ROAD RULES. The Winnebago - oh, yeah! i like that they have to do those missions. On REAL WORLD, they just sit around and talk.

    • Brittany: (about truth or dare) Definitely dare. Truth is kind of boring plus, when I play with my girlfriends, they usually already know everything!

    • Brittany:(on what she does on a Saturday morning) Sleep. And I sleep and I sleep and I sleep. Then I watch TV and I talk on the phone and I have to do homework, I guess, too. Then I go on the computer, I talk to my friends, I watch more TV and then I go to sleep!

    • Brittany: Whenever I say that I'm a Pisces, everybody says, 'Oh, that explains it!' They say that I'm very emotional, sensitive, and creative and Pisces are supposed to be in the arts fields. It also says that I'm stupid in money matters, which I am. And I hate math.

    • Brittany: (On Friends) My favorite comedy in the whole world.

    • Brittany: I'm not really partial to any one boy band. I kind of like them all. They've got different styles. I like *NSYNC. They're really great performers. I saw them in concert. They were awesome. I haven't seen Backstreet Boys in concert, so I don't know. Backstreet Boys are much more mature and much more focused. I like that, too. I think Britney Spears is really good. I'm not really partial to any teenybopper girlfriend or whatever. I just like all sorts of music from country to techno to pop to rap. Anything. I can't handle certain kinds of country. I can go as far as Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks, but when it gets into Garth Brooks and it gets really twangy I have to stop!

    • Brittany: Well, there's 'phat,' but that was sort of last year. 'Da bomb' is out, and nobody says 'cool' anymore except me, because i'm a loser.

  • Brittany snow can make a change #loveislouder

    Brittany I can honestly say is amazing person she has impacted so many lives with love is louder also mine brittany is not like any ordinary actress she makes changes and most of all she is real she doesn't try to be someone she is not she is as real as can be and that's hard to see in people now a days brittany is one of a kind and I really wish to meet her somedaymoreless
  • Brittany Snow:Young Talent

    I have watched Brittany act since she came on Guiding Light,I knew she would be an amazing actress one day.I read an interview when she was on Guiding Light and she told about how she would have to take plane rides back and forth from New York to Florida to work,I thought that said alot about her determination to be an actress.She was amazing on American Dreams,I loved the show and her character so much,I was so sad when it ended.She has done really great movie work The Pacifier,love it,John Tucker Must Die,love it,Hairspray,love it,Prom Night,love it,you get the idea.I can;t wait for her new show Harry's Law on NBC to start.She will be acting for years to come and I can not wait to see the work she does.moreless