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  • Brittany snow can make a change #loveislouder

    Brittany I can honestly say is amazing person she has impacted so many lives with love is louder also mine brittany is not like any ordinary actress she makes changes and most of all she is real she doesn't try to be someone she is not she is as real as can be and that's hard to see in people now a days brittany is one of a kind and I really wish to meet her someday
  • Brittany Snow:Young Talent

    I have watched Brittany act since she came on Guiding Light,I knew she would be an amazing actress one day.I read an interview when she was on Guiding Light and she told about how she would have to take plane rides back and forth from New York to Florida to work,I thought that said alot about her determination to be an actress.She was amazing on American Dreams,I loved the show and her character so much,I was so sad when it ended.She has done really great movie work The Pacifier,love it,John Tucker Must Die,love it,Hairspray,love it,Prom Night,love it,you get the idea.I can;t wait for her new show Harry's Law on NBC to start.She will be acting for years to come and I can not wait to see the work she does.
  • Brittany Snow is a very talented, young American actress who is just wonderful. She is very talented.

    What's there to say about Brittany Snow? Oh, I know... talented, great, an amazing singer, gorgeous, and has a good career ahead of her. She's been in a lot of popular movies such as Hairspray, Prom Night, etc.... She's very pretty and has a good career. Brittany's one of my favorite actresses because of her personality. She has a great smile and has made me laugh when I see her in certain movies. I can only HOPE that she stays this way and won't mess up her career. She's that talented that it would be really sad if she did. Good luck Brittany!
  • Brittany Snow is a great actress and a great person. One of my TOP favorite actress. She will be big. You can just see it since AMERICAN DREAMS and THE PACIFIER. Best movie she made is Prom Night.

    Brittany Snow is a great actress, great beauty, and great person. I love her personality and a great way of acting. I met her without knowing her in The Pacifier and then saw her again in John Tucker Must Die. She seemed like an actress that will do good, but not great. That maybe she would only do comedy. But that all changed in April 11, 2008 when her horror movie Prom Night came out. It's not only the fact that she is in a horror movie that made it so great, but the character she portrays. She portrays a young girl who has a teacher obsessed with her and wants to kill her in prom night. I can't wait to see her in that movie because I know that she will rock it. Watch her and you'll see that she is so cool. BYE.
  • was in john tucker must die and hairspray

    Brittany Snow is very talented. I saw her in JTMD and I thought she was really good and pretty. Then i saw her in hairspray and she was awesome. It was cool seeing her be the bad girl in the movie. It was different but she played it well. I think shes a good singer but most people dont. I dont think that she should come out with a cd but shes a good singer. Most poeple dont thnik she was but i thin kshe was good so yeah and she was on a soap opera and i didnt see it but she got to act young. All in all good job Brittany
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    i think that brittany snow will go very far.
    shes already been in a few good movies and a good tv series. i think she is a good actress and shes very pretty
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    I think that she is cool and that she has a lot of career to get toward to. I mean, she has already been in a couple of shows like Nip/Tuck and now she has acted in some movies like in John Tucker Must Die or the Pacifier. I think that she is really cool, and that some day she is going to be big.
  • Brittany Snow is one of the most stunning actress ever. She has been in the hit T.V. show American Dreams. She has played opposite such well known actors such as Jesse Matcalf in the hit movie John Tucker must die and Vin diesel in the Pacifier!

    She hasn't been in alot but she has made an acomplished start to her career. She debuted her acting on the popular soap the Guiding light which she played Susan Lemay. Then she went to be the star of her own T.V. show called American dreams about the American banstand which she played Meg Pryor. After that she did her first movie called the pacifier which was a big hit. She played a rebellious teenage daughter, which she starred opposite Vin diesel. Then she played in another blockbuster movie called John tucker must die, which she played a sweet innocent unpopular high school who's love interest was the gorgeous jesse metcalfe. lucky. Currently she is working on the film hairspray featuring john travolta. i think she is doing quite well for herself in a few years i think she will as big as lindsay lohan and hilary duff. but hopefully not turn like them ( finger crossed ) just amazing
  • Beautifull and talented young actress!

    Brittany Snow is very beautifull! Also she is so talented! I know her from her new movie 'John Tucker must die' where she plays lovely Kate Spencer. I love that movie so much (it's actually, one of my favourites!)!!! And I heard that she played in 'Skater Boys' (in just one episode.) and in 'American Dreams'!
  • I kind of had a book about her when I was a little bit younger. I wanted to find out more, but I kind of moved on.

    I like Brittany Snow. I kind of had a book about her when I was a little bit younger. I wanted to find out more, but I kind of moved on. I like her role on Guiding Light, Susan Lemy, the bad girl. I also saw her on American Dreams as Meg Pryor. I think she has a pretty name, Simple, but classy. Brittany Snow. She was in John Tucker Must Die and The Pacifier. She will also appear in the upcoming hit Harispray. Overall Brittany Snow is pretty, but not the prettiest ever. I mean, she's pretty cool. Just not perfect.
  • Gorgeous, pretty!!!

    Brittany Snow used to look pretty when she started acting in American Dreams at the age of 16. Now 20 years old, she still looks alright. I did not know that she used to be a model when she was younger and when she started acting in soaps, she was kinda dramatic. Right now in American Dreams, she was a better actress and has a pretty voice right now. Now that American Dreams is cancelled, what is she going to do right now? Is she doing another drama or is she going to do a comedy instead, like Gail O'Grady is doing right now?