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Brittney Collins

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  • Attractive guest star

    I have a hard time understanding how the television industry decides which minor actors and actresses succeed, survive, and which ones do not. Miss Collins appeared in a small, non-speaking role in an episode of Burn Notice a couple of years ago. Obviously, this was not exactly heavy lifting, but she smiled, flirted, etc. as expected. She was also pretty as a picture, significantly more attractive than the average eye candy in a series that trades in part on establishment shots of models in bikinis. Plenty of women seem to earn good livings, and a small slice of fame as well, doing nothing more; I can't see that Miss Collins lacked anything in appearance or ability taht these actresses have. Nevertheless, she has no subsequent credits. It's too bad she seems to be making little headway in the industry; I'd like to at least put it on record that she was noticeable - and appreciated.moreless