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  • I dont know if My opinion counts But I whent to school with Brittney at Leavenworth High school,and to me I always thaught she would be eather a super modle or a verry big star she always was sweet and had a quality verry few possesed.

    I would have to say all of her movies and her castings where verry good and she deserves more credit than alot of people give her.I belive her abilities are verry grate and given the right role she can be an even bigger star than she is now.And from the talks I had with her in the past befor all of the movies and the roles she is capabole of many grate thangs. In conclusion she as far as im concernd should be up there with Demi More Or even a super model,because she has not just 1 but 2 thangs going for her she is beautyful inside and out and she is an incredibole actress.