Brock Kelly

Brock Kelly


8/17/1985, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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Brock Vincent Kelly


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In addition to his recurring role as Josh on the daytime series Days of our Lives, Brock has also appeared on shows like The O.C. and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Go to:


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  • Im calling hime a 9.0 due to the fact that his role in "Supernatural" was PERFECT. They did a amazing job matching him as the Young Dean Winchester. Down to the voice and smile.moreless

    For a fairly new face in the acting scene, Brock Kelly did a great job on "Supernatural". Having to fly in the spotlight as Jensen Ackles younger character Dean Winchester, he did not faulter. There were moments in the episode where his acting could have improved, for instance; When young Dean and Sammy go to thier new school, Dean is asked by his teacher "Is there anything you would like to tell us about youself?", his rely was "Not really sweetheart". The way that he said "Sweetheart", it was almost like you could see his nerves through his voice. When he is asked where his books where, his stated "Dont need 'em sugar, not gonna be here long anyway" and the confidence has just rolled on back. Unfortunatly, it was hard to tell whether Brock Kelly was trying to act cool over the top because Dean Winchester thinks hes "Hott Stuff", or because thats his personality. In some lines, he seems to be fighting the acting styles of Soap Operas, but in most of the episode, Brock Kelly was right on point. The passion he had for his little brother Dean Winchester was something that could not be forced. At all the main focus points of the episode, Brock Kelly knew how to move his eyes, and position his lips and move his body to where his actions where not just acted out, but felt as to be real. I give Brock Kelly a 9.0, he's got the eyes, smile, face and acting skills of someone I really would like to see more of. Not to mention, possibly meet. Thats all for right now, stay tuned for more of Brock Kelly reviews.moreless