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  • definitely one of the greatest athletes i ever seen.

    Brock Lesnar is a impressive athlete. He had a great career in the WWE. From his undefeated streak from Apr 2002 to Nov 2002. He just dominated all comers and shows great power. i never seen anyone throw the Big Show around like Lesnar did at Survivor Series 2002 and at the Royal Rumble 2003. He also had impressive victories like over The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell and Kurt Angle at WM XIX. Although Lesnar botched the shooting star press that would have ended the match on a high note, he still pulled off the finish being concussed and all. After he left the WWE, I heard he was on his way to the NFL. I was looking forward in seeing what will Lesnar do there and how he'd be in the next football game. But he got cut. Oh well. Then i hear he wants to come back to the WWE. That really kind of surprised me that he would go back to the company that told him he could no longer wrestle until a certain period in time. Also wondered where would he fit into in the storylines because in 2005, things were getting shaken up and tons of changes were being made and where would Lesnar go, back to mid-card? then he decided not to do that and then he went into MMA. I was finally going to see what Lesnar really had other than what i had seen in the WWE. I wanted to see if he was really a fighter or just a good shoot fighter. I was definitely impressed by his debut while in K-1. He beat up his opponent pretty badly with all those strikes. Then came his UFC debut. I found this even more anticipating than his first fight. Most of the guys in the UFC are accomplished fighters. He was going against Frank Mir, i knew it would be a challenge and that anyone could win. But experience definitely was a factor in why Lesnar lost, but the referee's stoppage also was a part of his loss but like he said you win some and lose some. I'm looking forward to what Lesnar is made of in his next couple of UFC fights.