Brodie Greer





10/26/1949 , Santa Monica, California

Birth Name



Brodie grew up in Brentwood, California. He attended Pacific Palisades High School and exceled in football, baseball, and track. He received a full scholarship to San Jose State University for football as a defensive back, where he was an all-conference starter for three years. It was while at San Jose State that he began taking drama courses.

After graduating in 1974, he returned to Los Angeles and began an acting career. He worked in commercials and small roles in soap operas before landing the role of Officer Barry "Bear" Baricza on "CHiPs" in 1977. Brodie was on the show for five years and filmed 112 episodes. After "CHiPs," he guest starred on many TV shows, including "LOVE BOAT" and "FANTASY ISLAND."

He continues to act in commercials, television programs, and movies. He currently works as a real estate agent for Coldwell Bankers in Pacific Palisades.

(This biographical information was taken from the "CHiPs-99" website, which is sadly no longer in existence.)