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  • Not much is known about Brodie Greer. He keeps his private life very private. But that´s no reason not to adore this person even I never will met him personally.

    CHiPs was the greatest job, Brodie Greer ever had. 5 years a regular work is not ususal in Hollywood.
    When I first watched CHiPs the character of Jon Baker was my favourite. This changed a few months later as Officer Baricza had a few more scenes. Beginning to adore the character he played, I started to find out more about this handsome actor. In a time without internet and without any current news and magazines it was not easy and I had to wait for 10 years before getting more info. Luckily we now have the time of internet, ebay and email and so I hoped to find out more today.
    What a surprise to learn that Mr. Greer only appeared in 4 more movies and only had a fistful guest appeareances in now cancled series. It´s not only his handsome look, I liked the scenes in CHiPs he seemed not to be part in and acted like a forgotten requisite. \"Man, director, you forgot him totally\", I was thinking then.
    His last known TV job was in 1999, 6 years ago.
    Maybe he isn´t the high talented actor, I used to see in my childhood, but I still adore this person, even not much is known about him.
    Thank you Mr. Greer for going along with me through my teenager years and all the best for you, although you don´t know me.